Our World, Our Future

Today we begin a new core unit, focused on the environment, called Our World, Our Future.

This class blog will be a space to reflect on our learning, and post articles and writing relevant to the topic.

Throughout the unit, you will need to make three posts to this class blog:

1. A piece of personal writing reflecting your perspective about an environmental issue

2. A post with links to media articles about an environmental issue of importance to you

3. A piece of writing that responds to one of the articles that you have posted a link to, either agreeing or disagreeing with the perspectives presented in that article

You may use images in your posts, and/or embed relevant videos from Youtube if you choose to. When you make a post, make sure you set a featured image, to show on our blog page.

You will also be required to comment constructively on three of your classmates’ posts here.

I will provide more detail in class next week about the content for your posts, and the criteria for assessment. We will start to explore some environmental issues, and related texts. For the moment, explore the WordPress dashboard, and feel free to make an initial environment-related post if you would like to.

Happy blogging!

Ms Edwards.

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