What environmental issues are we facing today?

Today in class we created this massive, tiered mind map, which highlights key environmental issues today, and their impacts.


We found a vast amount of knowledge in the class about a range of environmental issues.

Which issue is most important to you, and why? Which issues will have the biggest impacts on our lives in the future?

(7 Aqua, don’t forget to bring in an article about an environmental issue tomorrow. You might like to look on smh.com.au or theconversation.com or abc.net.au/news.)

36 thoughts on “What environmental issues are we facing today?

  1. Hi Mrs Edwards,
    I believe the most important issue to me is pollution. I think this is the most important as it affects the world in so many different forms. This issue may have the biggest impact on our futures as it decides whether we have one or not. Pollution affects all of us and I strongly believe that it needs to be reduced dramatically.
    See you all tomorrow!
    diana2110 🙂

    • Pollution definitely affects us in many different forms, in our waterways, on land, and in our atmosphere. Looking forward to your ideas on reducing pollution.

  2. Hey 7 Aqua, I believe that the issue of pollution has an impact on us all dramatically. In my opinion, pollution links in with many other environmental issues such as animals and deforestation. Pollution can cause diseases and deaths of animals. Many people fail to see the importance of animals and tend to underestimate the importance of biodiversity. Air pollution can be really dangerous in the form of acid rain. It can kill marine life in streams and lakes due to the fact that the water becomes to acidic for them to live in. Littering can also cause deaths in our animals because toxic substances that we tend to throw out such as motor oil and detergents can often lead to their deaths. If we reduce the amount of environmental pollution on our planet, we could save millions of animals, though, sadly the pollution issue is constantly growing in size.

  3. heyy guys
    I believe that the most important issue is pollution but I feel more for the animals.
    some animals have it quite unfair. Chickens for instance forced to live in battery farms. They are stuck in a tiny cage and are given hormones to make them grow bigger. As they grow bigger they are in such an environment where they cant move. this can be a bad thing as they can not stretch their legs and their big fat bodies are too heavy for their legs so they collapse and break. why should they go through such a thing?!
    another big problem that is starting to decrease is the animal testing. They test all these products on innocent animals. They cause all sorts of injuries to these animals. and once these injuries are recorded they are killed. All these injuries and diseases are for cosmetics. are they really THAT important that we have to kill innocent little animals like these just for that?
    that’s just a little bit of my feeling towards animal related problems.
    see you guys tomorrow
    Mickey Mouse 🙂

    • A thoughtful comment – yes we definitely have a lot to consider with regards to animal cruelty. How can we take action to prevent such cruelty in the future? (Remember to start sentences with capitals.) 🙂

  4. Disregard the above post from me.
    Deforestation I believe is the most important issue. Cutting down forests results in millions of animals losing their habitats and many cannot survive the deforestation. Another negative effect is the climate change. When cutting down forests, greenhouse gases cannot be absorbed by trees which accelerates global warming.

    • Deforestation certainly has big environmental impacts. You could do some reading about particular forests/rainforests and efforts to preserve them by environmental groups.

  5. Hi Ms Edwards and 7 Aqua
    In my opinion, deforestation is one of the major issues in our world today. I believe this because all living organisms need plant life in order to survive. Some animals can only adapt to environments like rainforests with tropical climates, towering trees, and plants for food. But once all flora is cut down these animals will not be able to survive and will eventually perish. This also applies for humans because when deforestation occurs it releases carbon dioxide into the air. Trees provide us with oxygen meaning that once all trees are cut down and lots of carbon dioxide is diffused into the air it will cause us to die as well. Therefore, I believe that deforestation is a major issue in our world and that we must try and prevent it from occurring anymore.

    • This is certainly an issue of significance. Have a think about what we ordinary people can do to prevent deforestation in the future.

  6. Hello 7Aqua and to all the future people that will read this eventually,
    I believe that pollution is one of the major issues in our world. pollution is thinning our atmosphere, and therefore, we are starting to get even stronger UV rays, and have hotter summers. The hottest spring that passed a couple days ago, that was from pollution, and fossil fuels. We should use public transport more so we don’t use a lot of cars to create more pollution. or better yet, walk or ride a bike. So, in my honest opinion, I think that pollution is a major issue, and we should all to something about that. And all the other issues as well.

    • Yes, it was the warmest September on record! Good ideas about using public transport and other transport options that don’t burn fossil fuels. Looking forward to discussing your other ideas in class!

  7. Hi Mrs Edwards and 7 Aqua,
    I believe that the most important one of all of the ones listed is pollution as it dictates what we can do in the future depending on what we do now. We might mine for oil out in the ocean but an oil spill occurs and kills many of the local wildlife and limits what is able to be fished and eaten in this area.
    Bye 🙂

  8. Hi Miss Edwards. I believe that the most important issue facing society today is deforestation because the trees release carbon dioxide in the air and there would be a lack of oxygen with less trees. Also wildlife are losing their homes due to deforestation and I believe that animals should most definitely have the same rights as us.
    I believe that the most important issue that will impact our future would be pollution because as the pollution increases the chance of having NO atmosphere at all which will also be a problem because global warming will be much worse and we could definitely become extinct if it gets to hot and we have no protection of asteroids and meteors.

    • Deforestation is of concern as trees absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen, so yes, it is a key issue that we face. Our atmosphere is at risk of pollution, as contaminants such as carbon pollution can cause climate change. I don’t think we’ll have no atmosphere, but the human-induced changes to our atmosphere are of concern. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Hi 7Aqua,
    I believe the most important environmental issue in today’s world are the natural disasters.
    Every year people are dying from natural disasters such as, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flood, fires, droughts and so many more. Natural disasters destroy what we have around us and makes it harder and harder to rebuild. The poor get a worse hit because they have lesser resources to rebuild and cannot do much when these events happen.
    What makes matters worse is that some natural disasters can have a chain reaction to other disasters like when there is an earthquake there can be a tsunami afterwards somewhere nearby.
    This is why I strongly believe that natural disasters are an important environmental issue today because properties are destroyed, important things to people are lost and people die.

    • A thoughtful comment. And yes, natural disasters often have the biggest impact on the poor, as they are less able to rebuild, or seek medical assistance. Do you think there are ways we can avoid some natural disasters, and prepare for the ones that we can’t avoid?

  10. I believe the most important environmental issue to me is energy. With the running out of fossil fuels becoming an increasingly significant problem today, we need to figure out other efficient, clean ways of utilizing energy in other forms. Since the world is strongly adapted to using fossil fuels and having them always there, if the fossil fuels run out and there’s no back-up plan, it may offset other problems, such as lack of transport and inconvenience in the home, but only for the people who aren’t prepared. I believe this is an issue that will have a very big impact on our lives in the future because energy determines how we live, therefore, if one very attainable, efficient form of energy is taken away, such as fossil fuels, it will change the lifestyle of today’s world. Furthermore, even if we do start to use more solar, wind, and hydro forms of energy, it still would not be able to produce enough continuing energy to meet the demands of lives today.

    This is the edited version.

  11. Our energy demands and sources are big issues today. You’re right – we do need to look at the possibility that we may adapt to a life in the future using less energy than we do today. The question is, how?

  12. Hi 7 Aqua and Mrs Edwards
    The most important environmental issue facing the world in my point of view is the use of energy. The use of non-renewable fossil fuels is quickly increasing to meet the demands of people today, raising worries about it running out. The burning of fossil fuels also emits carbon into the air which is bad for the environment and may affect the ozone layer. The efficiency of renewable sources of energy may not be of the amount needed to power the main aspects of our current lifestyles.

    • A thoughtful comment – yes we are certainly facing some big questions with regards to our energy sources, and there are no easy answers.

  13. I believe the most important issue facing todays society is animal poaching. It is killing innocent animals for unnecessary things and this effects bio-diversity and the circle of life. E.G ivory from elephants tusks but to get them they have to kill the elephants. Another example is furs from different animals.

    • Poaching does have big implications for endangered animals, and in leading us towards extinction in some cases. Remember affect = verb (poaching affects biodiversity) and effect = noun (the result of something – the devastating effects of animal poaching).

  14. The environmental issue that is most important to me and that i believe will have the greatest effect is deforestation. By destroying the forest we are creating more carbon dioxide and endangering or even making certain animal and plant species extinct

    • Certainly, deforestation impacts plant and animal species. A thoughtful response. Deforestation also means that trees are not absorbing the CO2 in our atmosphere, so yes, there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

  15. the environmental issue that is most important to me is pollution because it bad for our environment and animal life. if we don’t stop now and start trying to fix our mistakes we made on the environment then we are going to have a bad future ahead of us.

    • I think you’re spot on that humans need to be doing more to reduce our pollution. (Remember to start sentences with capital letters, even in blog comments.)

  16. To me, I believe the most important issue is air pollution. I really love it when you can see the stars at night, but with darkness blanketing over the sky, you can’t see the shining stars at night. It also covers the sky during the day, making the blue a gray colour instead. It affects our health because the smog is thick and makes it hard to breathe. I don’t like where the pollution is going and it’s going to get worse if no one does anything..

    • Very thoughtful comments. Interestingly, the WHO has just announced air pollution as being a major cause of cancer, so even more cause for concern. See my latest post. 🙂

  17. I believe the most important issue facing our society today is air pollution. Air pollution isn’t only affecting our health, but it’s also damaging the ozone layer which leads to the massive issue of global warming. The effects of global warming can be very harsh: the temperatures all over the world will get much hotter; changes in temperature causes changes in weather. Droughts will become more common. The ice in Antarctica will start to melt and merge into the sea which will cause the sea levels to rise. This will cause two things: floods and the loss of the Antarctic animals’ homes which will cause them to become extinct. If we don’t stop polluting our atmosphere, our future will hold severe consequences resulting in many deaths, possibly leading to the end of the world…

    • It’s a little bit scary to think about the world that future generations may inherit, isn’t it? You have covered a range of issues here, stemming from pollution. Excellent work!

  18. Hi 7 Aqua
    The most important issue that i believe id the most important is air pollution. It happens everywhere even in our own backyard! Air pollution leads to all sorts of dramas including our health issues, creating global warming and also destroys and evaporayes organic
    products. Many people get sick because of air pollution leaving behind dirty air behing which can harm certain peoople. If we all do our part we can make a change.

    • Spot on – and now it’s been recognised as a major cause of cancer. I look forward to reading more of your responses throughout the unit!

  19. Palpably, natural disasters are the most important issue facing our society today. Natural disasters affect our lives, the animals, and our environment. Natural Disasters are highly stressful for everyone, because they also effect our time, and money, which can be used on other things, such as stopping rubbish pollution and deforestation. Natural Disasters can not be prevented, and although they only “hit” one area, they affect everyone. Therefore, Natural Disasters are the most important issue facing society in today (and tomorrow’s) world 🙂

  20. By their nature, natural disasters are “natural”. We can prepare for them, but not prevent them. Yes, they certainly have a big impact on affected areas. Remember affect = verb (you said “they affect everyone” – that is correct) but effect = noun, the result of something (the effect of an earthquake could be a tsunami). However, we can also look at the human contribution to natural disasters. Are bushfires more frequent/intense? Are cyclones more severe as a result of global warming, for example?

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