Bushfire risk could rise in coming years

According to my article, Australia would be better off with a series of bush-fires this summer to hopefully prevent further fires in the years to come. With temperatures rising, the risk of bush-fires has been pushed beyond its boundaries.

The article explains that the temperatures are increasing throughout Victoria and NSW, and that the two states could be facing a series of upcoming smokey events. Unfortunately, Australia has witnessed its fair share of bush-fires, the Black Saturday bush-fire, which took place in Victoria of 2009, is a good example of what we can expect to face. The director of the University of NSW excellence for climate system science claims that a series of small bush-fires this season is unlikely, the future prevention of bush-fires counts on many things and unfortunately, this was one of them.

I believe this article is mainly based on fact. I believe the author of the article, Peter Hannam, voiced Australia throughout the article and almost spoke it through our perspective. He addresses the issue with concern for the bush land and residents of Australia, and I believe he is trying to spread awareness through solid fact.

I also agree with what Peter had said, he presented his facts and sugar coated nothing. He was true and he presented the article hiding not a thing, but trying to notify of all of the up coming risks of bush-fires threatening to damage our home soil.



Cover image source: http://www.gloucester.nsw.gov.au/Planning—Development/Planning—Building-Information/Bushfire-Prone-Areas

2 thoughts on “Bushfire risk could rise in coming years

    • Thanks Mrs!
      I agree with the article, and I think that prevention of fires should be on a higher display with many more people having an awareness that is critical at a time like this.

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