Deforestation: The cause of global warming

In response to the national geographic article about deforestation, I would have to agree about everything it says. In the article it says that deforestation is causing global warming, which leads to the current air pollution crisis. If we had been chopping down trees and replanting every single one, would we have stopped this? I believe we would. Deforestation causes greenhouse gases to be released into the air meaning global warming will rapidly increase and eventually, the whole world will be polluted and everyone will die from the smoke particles. This also means all the animals habitats would be destroyed and all the animals will die too.

Trees are used to absorb greenhouse gases and stop global warming so WHY are we cutting down trees? The answer to this is simple, money. People are greedy for money so they can be rich and live in a deluxe mansion in who knows where? Well they will probably be dead before that happens if we keep cutting down trees and not replanting. The way it is today, even if we do stop global warming, I believe the temperatures would stay the same as it is now and we still would have the massive air pollution problem but first we have to stop its source.

The only way we can stop deforestation is by every tree we cut down, we plant two saplings thus doubling the absorbing of greenhouse gases and eventually stopping global warming. But even so we would have air pollution to deal with which we can solve after deforestation is stopped. People don’t realise it but deforestation is a very major problem and it must be stopped for the planet. So, whenever you are cutting down a tree, don’t forget to plant two saplings to stop deforestation and global warming.


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12 thoughts on “Deforestation: The cause of global warming

  1. An excellent response about an important issue. You are certainly very passionate about the importance of forests for the health of our planet. I’d really like to read the original National Geographic article – can you post the link?

  2. I really like your money arguement, because it’s so true! I think some people would still risk the wellbeing of the planet if they could get some money out of it. Your motivational sentence at the end of the post is also something I like. :).

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