The Global Effects Of Deforestation

As a recent National Geographic article states earth’s forests are being cleared on a massive scale and if nothing is done to help prevent deforestation all of the world’s rain forests could  completely vanish within 100 years.

Generally, when people think of deforestation they think of forests being cut down and the resultant habitat destruction of fauna and the eventual extinction of many flora and fauna species. This is a major environmental issue however, deforestation also contributes to more global scale problems, such as global warming and climate change. Forests absorb large amounts of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change and they  provide canopies to keep ground soil moist as well as returning water vapour back to the atmosphere.

My opinion on deforestation is that it is a critical environmental issue as it contributes to some of the earth’s major threats/problems, including global warming and climate change. It contributes to these because as more trees are cut down less of the harmful greenhouse gases are taken from the air by the trees. Deforestation is also one of the leading causes of animal extinction. All the governments around the world need to co-operate and develop, manage and enforce a global plan to resolve deforestation issues.

Deforestation is not an easy issue to solve. Honduras, Nigeria, Philippines, Ghana and Indonesia are the countries with the highest rates of deforestation. These countries all have emerging economies, are building new infrastructures and a large proportion of their population still rely on farming to survive.   These countries still have a lot of corruption in their government so their regulations aren’t strictly enforced.  To solve the problem of deforestation governments across the globe need to co-operate to help these countries progress and achieve their goals without destroying our world’s rain forests.

3 thoughts on “The Global Effects Of Deforestation

  1. This is a very well-written piece – clear, expressive, and persuasive. You have summarised the article concisely, and used it to develop your own response to the issue. Impressive. Ah, if only governments across the world could work together to solve this problem. We can only hope!

  2. I totally agree, I think people need to note that trees are essential and should be protected as they take in carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, materials, habitat for animals, homes for humans, fruit, and nuts. There may be a lot of trees in the world, but people are taking advantage of this and thinks it’s okay to chop down trees at a higher rate than planting tree saplings. If this continues, trees could become extinct. If trees would become extinct, many animals would lose their habitat, there would be no more wood, therefore no more timber for buildings, no more paper and many jobs can be lost too. I think it’s about time humans did something about this, or else our world would be never the same.

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