Tony Abbott will doom future generations if he ditches the carbon tax

An issue that is debated all around Australia right now is the carbon tax. This is an issue that can have its pros but also its cons.

According to the article I read, If Tony Abbott gets rid of the carbon tax, he will doom future generations. David Suzuki (the author of this article) wrote a very opinionated article. I disagree with some of the things that he said.

This piece of writing was about how Australia should keep the carbon tax.” A carbon tax is just one small step to encourage companies and individuals to reduce dumping rubbish into the atmosphere”. David wrote this in his article but also proved out that in Sydney we were hardly into our first week of Spring and there were already bush fires. According to him, climate change will devastate Australia and that people who care about the environment realise that getting rid of the carbon tax is not only crazy, but it is suicidal.

This article was very heartfelt and opinionated. I did not agree with some of the things he was saying. From what I know about politics (which isn’t very much) was that Tony Abbott’s part of being elected in was to get rid of the carbon tax. Not a lot of people enjoyed paying money for the amount of carbon they use. While it is a very important matter, reducing our use of carbon, I believe that there could have been other ways of doing it. With the carbon tax in place it made prices go up. Companies forced to pay for the carbon they produced meant that they had to put all these prices onto their customers so they could still make a profit. This made small things such as bread more expensive to buy.

Although I believe that looking after our planet is a good thing, I believe that David Suzuki’s response was quite different to mine. But everyone has their own opinion.

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9 thoughts on “Tony Abbott will doom future generations if he ditches the carbon tax

  1. Tony Abbott wants to scrap the carbon tax. What a joke! If he scraps the carbon tax people would not care as much about the planet as they did. Future generations would be ruined with all the air pullution. People couldnt stand living in their own planet with all the pullution.
    We should get behind not scrapping the carbon tax. Stop Tony Abbott.

  2. This is certainly an issue that is divisive in Australia today. I think the main question we face is, if not the carbon tax, then how are we going to reduce carbon emissions? Are there other ways? Many believe the carbon tax is a good thing to make polluters pay for their emissions, or otherwise cut their emissions, and invest in renewable energies. Others believe the carbon tax won’t work, and is simply making us pay more for little environmental advantage. Thanks for your post, Mickey, I like your acknowledgement that there are many different opinions out there, and this is a very contentious issue. David Suzuki is certainly a passionate advocate for action on climate change, and he does use quite loaded language. Is he right or wrong? It’s a difficult question that you have addressed really well for a Year 7 student! Well done.

  3. To be completely honest, I’m pretty neutral. Yes, it isn’t right that big companies use so much carbon, and the carbon tax was a smart idea at first. But I guess some people don’t think so far ahead, then again, who really does? I don’t think many people realized the real impact the carbon tax would make on our average lives. So, either way, this topic is going to be controversial, with two VERY different points of view.

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