Anti-poaching devices to be implanted in Rhino Horns

Wildlife Officials are currently planting microchips in the horn’s of Rhino’s to prevent poaching in Kenya.

The new equipment will cos $15,000 was donated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to the Kenya  Wildlife Service (KWS), which will be used to track the Rhino’s, giving them the protection they deserve.

With poachers becoming more sophisticated in their approach, it is vital to find a new, technologically improved system to keep the endangered animals safe. The new chips will have 100% accuracy, finding every rhino horn to ever have a chip in it.

To implant the chip, specialist will have to track the creatures down, then use a tranquilizer to make them unconscious, which will add to the cost.

There are only 1,000 rhino’s left in Kenya. 23 were killed last year, and 10 have been killed to this day.

It is known that Rhino horns are a valued part of Asia’s history, as they have been used for drinking cups as well as medicine for many years. However, it has been proven that the rhino horns main substance, Keratin, is not used in medicine,

Read the article here.

I believe that this is a very educational, yet moving article, as it shows the innocence of the Rhino, which are trying to survive in a world which will kill them only for their horn (and perhaps their meat).

Is this a smart idea, considering Kenya is a “Third World Country”? Can they really afford? And will poachers find a way to outsmart the chips?

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4 thoughts on “Anti-poaching devices to be implanted in Rhino Horns

  1. Wow, this is the first that I have read about this – surely impressive technology. A thoughtful post, particularly your question at the end. For third world countries where many people are starving, yes, the question could be posed are animals or people more worthy of the money? Maybe we in the developed world could get behind this initiative and chip in some funds to save the rhino – I think we’d miss it globally if it became extinct – adopt a rhino? I just read the article, and the WWF are donating the tracking system, so the developed world IS pitching in to save the rhino, which is fantastic! Take care with your apostrophes – use the apostrophe of possession (The rhino’s horn), but we don’t need apostrophes for words that are plural (horns of rhinos).

  2. It’s great that WWF are donating the tracking system, but if they weren’t, saving the rhino from poaching and becoming extinct should definitely be made a top priority, but surely after the starving people are looked after.

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