How Google Earth And Drones Are Saving Elephants In Africa

In the article that I read, it talks about how poachers are hunting elephants for their ivory tusks and how many people are trying to use cutting edge technology such as drones to try and preserve and keep elephant safe from human-elephant conflict and poachers.

One such person is Marc Goss, a Kenyan who is dedicated to trying to preserve the elephant species from  poachers. He uses an Ipad to control a drone which monitors elephant movement. When the drone spots something, Marc uses the drone to intervene by either using the blade noises to annoy and move the elephants or use his new modification, dropping capsaican, to move the elephants as well.

This article is trying to describe to us what lengths people will go to try and preserve elephants as well as how greedy people can be to try and murder innocent animals just for money. This article also tells of how many countries in Asia are calling for illicit ivory and other ornaments that are torn from animal carcasses that they have murdered.

I agree with this article because I love elephants but also because I do not want such an amazing animal species to become extinct.

How Google Earth and drones are saving elephants in Africa

Link to my article and my cover image source above.

One thought on “How Google Earth And Drones Are Saving Elephants In Africa

  1. How amazing – it’s great to see technology put to good use. What do you think of the technology itself? How is it solving the poacher problem? I would have liked to see a little more detail here with you reflecting on the ivory trade, what drives it, and how we can address the problem (other than with drones). Thanks for your post.

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