Ozone Loss Warmed Southern Africa

In the article that i read it talks about the ozone layer and how there is a big hole in it above  The  Antarctic, and they realize that it’s getting bigger and warming up Southern Africa.This article is a factual article that is reporting the facts about this issue .

This writing piece , is trying to makes us more aware of the issue ; that the ozone layer needs protecting and we have to try  a not ruin what’s left of it.

I believe that we should protect the ozone layer as it protects us from the sun’s extreme heat . We basically rely on the ozone layer for protection from the sun and if we ruin the ozone layer  Earth’s going to get very hot and the ice caps a going to melt and we will be underwater and that in my opinion is not very good.

We should protect the ozone layer as it protects us and if we don’t have the ozone layer than we might have a bad future ahead of us.

bye 🙂

Cover image source: http://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/

2 thoughts on “Ozone Loss Warmed Southern Africa

  1. The hole in the ozone layer is definitely an issue that deserves attention, and it particularly affects those of us who live in the southern hemisphere. A few years ago there were big campaigns about reducing the chlorofleurocarbons we released into the atmosphere – chemicals used in refrigeration, aerosols, etc. As a result, these industries changed their practices, and we had some good results. The ozone depletion seems to have slowed, however, it is still another symptom of air pollution. Thanks for your post. (Please take a couple of minutes and go back and edit for typos – there are a few minor spelling/punctuation errors in this piece – and don’t use “gonna” – remember blogs can be conversational, but avoid text-speak. 🙂 Also, please post a link to the article.

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