The Great Garbage Patch Exposed

The article I read was about plastic pollution and how it’s harming our oceans. All of the plastic we use is just being dumped into the ocean and now the North Pacific Ocean has, what appears to be, a massive island of plastic.

This article is aimed at informing readers that we’re over-using plastic and if we don’t decrease the amount of plastic we’re using, then in the future, all our beaches will probably end up looking like Kamilo Beach (known as the world’s dirtiest beach) because of the plastic washing up to shore from the ocean.

I completely agree with the perspective of this article: we must decrease the amount of plastic we’re using and start to use more reusable sources so we can save our oceans and beaches, otherwise they’ll start looking like trash.

Read the article here

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4 thoughts on “The Great Garbage Patch Exposed

  1. A concise summary of the article you read, and your point of view, but despite its brevity, this is a strong post. You get to the point, and make it clearly. Your opinion comes through very strongly. Yes, the north Pacific gyre is certainly something to be concerned about.

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