Water In Crisis – Africa

In Africa, Nearly 1 billion people suffer from lacking access to safe, drinkable, clean water. Africa has one of the cleanest water systems in the world but due to the lack of sanitation, the water is polluted and can cause diarrhea and aids. The government are doing a bad job of offering services to their citizens, creating easier access to fresh water,  clean water education, and providing sanitation supplies.

The Water Project aims to invest in proven partners to drill fresh water wells providing sanitation and hygiene training.

I absolutely agree with this project because i believe that every country should have their fair share of Earth’s water and that everyone should have access to fresh, clear, and drinkable water. Link ——–> http://thewaterproject.org/

3 thoughts on “Water In Crisis – Africa

  1. I think in the developed world we take for granted our access to potable water and effective sanitation services. Billions of people worldwide don’t have such luxury, as your article outlines. You present a thoughtful sentiment in supporting The Water Project, which will hopefully allow more of the world’s people access to clean and safe drinking water. Thanks for your post.

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