Bushfire risk could rise in coming years

The article I read was about  the bushfires happening throughout the country and the risk of them increasing in years to come. Researchers say that Australia would be better off with a series of small bushfires this Summer to prevent more fires in the future, as the weather will become drier and much warmer. The temperatures have rose quite high for an early spring and are said to get worse by summer.

The article describes the vast increase in temperature throughout the season. Researchers believe that the bushfires will mainly target NSW and Victoria. The two states is said to face above average fire activity this summer, after several wet years have been followed by this years extremely warm winter and an early scorching start to spring.

The director of the University of  NSW centre of excellence for climate system science, Andy Pitman said, “We actually want lots of little fires this summer but the way it’s panning out,  it’s not looking promising in that regard.” Unfortunately, a season of small bushfires is unlikely to occur and the bushfires we may receive in coming years could get worse.

In my opinion, the author of the article Peter Hannam represented my thoughts in the article very accurately. He also included opinions from  meteorologists and other people. It was interesting to see what their thoughts were and what they think about the risk of bushfires in coming years.


Cover image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:09_vic_bushfire_damage_Yarra_Glen_03.JPG


7 thoughts on “Bushfire risk could rise in coming years

  1. It looks like we’re in for big fires rather than small ones, doesn’t it? You summarised the article really well. I would have liked to see a bit more of your personal response. What do you think about the current bushfire situation? Causes? Solutions? Just a couple of grammatical things: in paragraph 1, you say “have rose”: – this should be “have risen” or just “rose”. Remember aopstrophes of possession: “this year’s warm summer”. An excellent first post – thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

  2. It’s true, it’s getting really hot now and it’s only going to get hotter once we reach summer. That probably means that more bushfires will occur in the heat, and more homes would be lost. I like how all this can possible predict the future of what’s happening with all the statistics, but it was predictable anyway. Keep it up 🙂

  3. I will definitely keep that in mind for next time Ms Edwards. Thanks for your opinion Ms Edwards and Sothiraaa, I appreciate that a lot 🙂 lets hope that what the future holds for us will be a positive outcome.

  4. I agree with Ms Edwards and sothiraaa. if spring is already this hot, and there are this many bushfires occuring, imagine what summer will bring. When that comes, I’m not going outside, I’ll be respectfully hibernating till winter!

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