The Effects of Global Warming


The two articles I will be referring to can be found here and here.

The Earth is trying to tell us something with he rising temperatures, but we aren’t listening.

Over this past century, the impacts of global warming have been the animals dropping in numbers, such as the Adelie penguins in Antarctica that stood at 35,000 breeding pairs then slowing falling in the 30 years to 11,000. This shows how a big group of things can soon become something little or nothing at all throughout the years. Other impacts are sea levels rising faster that before, precipitation increasing and insects chewing up over 4 million acres of spruce trees due to the warmer summers. You can see how the impacts of Global warming can change and increase every year.

To prevent even more impacts going onto this planet, we can take action and spread the word around the world. Spreading the word can have a huge effect onto this problem if we just all have out part in reducing the rising temperatures and melting the ice caps. Using re-newable energy and reducing your carbon footprint can help this planet with the issue we face today. Driving smart and using efficient vehicles can help a whole lot or maybe even driving less can do a great amount of help, doing this, you are choosing to live a less polluted air and more sufficient life.

If we don’t do our part in preventing Global Warming, later in this century, sea levels are expected to rise even higher, hurricanes will be stronger and will be more frequent, species will die out, natural disasters will occur on a yearly basis, fresh water will be scarce and our ecosystems will be disrupted and animals could become extinct.

I strongly encourage people to help out and prevent all this from happening and making our world a better place than it was before.

Ice is melting worldwide, the signs of Global Warming are right in front of us and we still can’t see it. They are happening now and we need to act fast.

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4 thoughts on “The Effects of Global Warming

  1. This is a very powerful response, from start to finish. You begin by personifying the Earth, in a concise but punchy sentence, provide factual detail about a range of effects of global warming, and finish with an imperative that we must act fast to do something. You have a strong persuasive voice that comes through this entire post. It is excellent. Thanks for your thoughtful contribution to the class discussion. (Just have a quick read through for typos – missing capitals, etc.)

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