What can you find on our blog?

At the moment on our blog you will find a series of posts written by the students of 7 Aqua. The posts are about a range of environmental issues. Students are responding to articles about an environmental issue of their choice. Here is the task that they were set:

Your task is to write your first blog post in response to an article that deals with an environmental issue. It may be an article that you read in class, or it may be another article that you have found.

Your post should be around 300 words, and should include:

  • a title that refers to the issue in your article
  • a summary of the main message of the article. You should concisely summarise the article in your own words, but you may include some direct quotes from the article to complete your summary
  • your personal response to the article – do you agree or disagree? Is there anything that we (humans, Australians, individuals) could do to address the issue? Should we address the issue? Does the article support or conflict with other views you have?

Your blog post should include a link to the article to which you are responding.

I also asked students to read and comment on the blog posts of their classmates.

The aim of this task is to have students reading about a range of current environmental issues in order to compose their blog posts. By reading and commenting on each others’ posts, they are further developing their understanding of a range of environmental issues.

I have been really impressed with the posts made by 7 Aqua. This has been our first task of publishing our writing to a real world audience, and I think the students have done an impressive job of summarising the issues and providing a personal response to what they have read. Have a read of some of our posts, and provide a comment or two if you have a spare moment. Blogging is a dialogue. We welcome your ideas.

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