Earth’s Dying Message


For years and years we have constantly heard many reporters and newspapers discuss the effects of Global Warming and how we as humans are many contributors to the growing situation.

In the years between 2001-2010, Earth had experienced an enormous amount of temperature records broken than what any other decades have experienced during the past, “It would have been even higher were it not or the role of the deep oceans in absorbing heat” said Michel Jarraud, who is the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization. He stated that this was caused due to the large number of greenhouse gases that were being polluted into the Earth’s atmosphere and if we don’t do something about it know many species would slowly begin to fade away and disappear only to be heard of in books and documentaries.

I find this to be a very devastating statement as it could possibly mean a nearer end to human life on this planet and many animals also. It could all be reduced by people listening to protestors and news reports about Global Warming and how we can prevent such a chaotic situation to occur, we could move to re-using canvas bags when shopping and put a stop to the making of plastic bags, use more energy efficient cars or retreat to walking or bike-riding, by making a simple swap for all humanity and the Earth we as citizens of the world can decrease the pollution put into the world by a large amount.

If we do not make a stand and swap to a better resolution for Global Warming we may not live to survive the very end of this century, pollution can only get worse and that is not what we want.

I strongly believe that we should take a stand and swap to better resources that would last longer and at the same time do less harm than good to the Earth and prevent the bad outcomes to make the world a better and an eco-friendly place to live in.

Look for a better resolution to prevent the Earth from pollution because the heat is on and we need to act now”

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3 thoughts on “Earth’s Dying Message

  1. This is a personal and thoughtful response to the issue of global warming, and you make some creative suggestions about what we can do as individuals for our planet. A very persuasive and passionate argument, presented articulately. Could you please edit and include a link to the article that you quote from? Thanks for your contribution to the class discussion.

  2. One small thing I do is unplug my mobile phone, laptop & iPad chargers when I’m not charging the item. These have transformers in them which still use power even when they’re not being used.

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