Bushfire Season Starts Early in Australia in 2013

{ You can find the official article on the SMH website here }

Is what the scientists say about global warming true? In early September temperatures started to reach the mid to high 30’s and this was at the start of spring. Usually it is at the start of summer or even during the middle of it that these temperatures start to come about in Australia. High temperatures and strong winds started to cause bushfires when no one was prepared. The bushfires were moving fast because of the winds and firefighters had to rush to the scenes. More than 1000 firefighters and 14 helicopters had to control the fires.

Closer to the night the NSW Rural Fire Service reported 63 fires burning across NSW and 31 of them were out of control. This was definitely a scary and unexpected thing for people to experience.

I haven’t really ever believed in global warming. I’ve never thought about how greenhouse gases warming the earth. But I think I am starting to think that the globe could be warming.

I understand that during summer there is hot temperatures and it is expected that bushfires would become about because summer is supposed to be hot. But during spring and having close to 40 degree temperatures is kind of scary. Climate change has been a big topic and it could be true that the earth is warming. I am starting to think that it could be, but I have never really understood global warming and the greenhouse effect so I don’t really know what is happening. What do you think is happening to the world? Why do you think that the bushfire season has started early at the end of this year?

3 thoughts on “Bushfire Season Starts Early in Australia in 2013

  1. The onset of such severe bushfires so early in the season is definitely worrying, and there’s a lot of evidence that climate change is to blame for the early fires. Phil Koperberg, who is the former Rural Fire Service commissioner, said, ”We have never had this in October. This is a feature of slowly evolving climate. We have always had fires, but not of this nature, and not at this time of year, and not accompanied by the record-breaking heat we’ve had.” I like how you wrote about your evolving understanding of the issue of global warming, and that you are using your reading to develop your understanding of the issue. Keep reading and you will understand it more and more. Thanks for your post. 🙂

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