Greeny Hairy Beast

Surf’s up dude! The term that comes to mind when I first started reading ‘Lockie Leonard Scumbuster’. The book starts by introducing two main characters, Lockie Leonard (who is a surfer boy, with a broken heart) and Geoff Eggleston better known as Egg (who is a heavy metal goth like kid that owns Eggs Heavy metal Dictionary #1). Their friendship leads you to meet other interesting characters that relates to the boys’ journey and helps carry the story, which soon becomes evident to the audience that they are helping to make a difference with their city harbour being polluted by industries.

Lockie and Egg stick together and go through some big issues. The boys’ determination to save their harbour and ocean shows the reader ways to bring awareness, like in sc.20 when the harbour is surrounded by T.V. crews and representatives from Greenpeace and the government.

The theme and plot also deals with teenage romance, depression, family, friendship and growing up. Lockie Leonard portrays the combination of an important message and everyday life problems, ingredients for an engaging read. This book I would recommend to teenage audiences because it is interesting, uses an unfamiliar language, a short but funny read that will make you laugh with your mates but mostly it will get you to reflect on what we are doing to the environment.

By earth2013 7Aqua

2 thoughts on “Greeny Hairy Beast

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  2. Your review makes me want to read the play… again. You draw us into your opening with “Surf’s up dude!”, touch on characters, themes, and language, and end with an engaging recommendation. Concise, but effective.

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