Cut the Crap, Literally : Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

In class, 7 Aqua read the play ‘Lockie Leonard Scumbuster’ which was originally based on the novel written by Tim Winton. The play was based on many issues facing society today, a major issue that was addressed was the environmental status of the world. During the play, an environmental issue, pollution, took place. This issue happens to be relevant to our topic in class, (the environment), and I believe the issue has been paraded throughout the book with a bright neon sign hanging around its neck. It is extremely unfortunate that the destruction of our home planet is being cause by the one and only: humans.

Lockie is a 13-year-old boy and sees the effects of pollution swimming through his town harbour. This problem is being supplied by two major manufacturing companies; Lockie and his best friend Egg, both decide to do something about it. Because of the ages of Lockie and Egg, they are not taken seriously. Many students in 7 Aqua are of the ages 13 and 12, this indicates that many of us can relate to how Lockie and Egg were feeling. Lockie soon gets more support and the community is brought together once again fighting for the health of their harbour. The supporters help Lockie and Egg protest against the mayor who in my opinion is very biased and can only see one side of the protest. In the end Lockie uses force to convince the mayor, and workers of the two factories, that what is happening is affecting all. He does this by making the pollution affect the workers, so it too becomes their problem.

As much as the play is based on the environment, there are other issues discussed. The relationships of the characters of the book have all been strengthen. The protest brought Egg’s whole family together and  help them connect in more ways than one. Lockie’s love life also has an interesting twist to it, bringing him closer to not only his family, but the one and only Dot Cookson.  The community as a whole was brought together during  this part of the play. It also states that no matter  how small the area is, the environment should always be a first priority  for the inhabitants and people of that area.

I believe that the play is one to be put to truth, the play sends an encouraging message to those who are caring  about the environment and proves that no matter how young you are, you should follow in what you are passionate about. I believe the book was enjoyable and I would surely recommend it for others to read.


3 thoughts on “Cut the Crap, Literally : Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

  1. Love the title, and your assessment that the play is worthwhile for teenagers to read. Try to simplify your language and sentence structure. Go through and proofread this for punctuation, and grammatical errors – for example, sometimes you use “environmentally” when it should be “environmental”. Remember affect = verb (to affect), effect = noun (effects of pollution) – you use it incorrectly in the second paragraph, but correctly in the last paragraph. Try not to give away the whole plot in a review. Also, you are reviewing the play, not the novel. The last paragraph needs to more clearly and simply state your perspective and recommendation. This is a considered response, but sometimes simpler is better. Glad you liked the play! 🙂

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