The Environment’s Doom: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a play based on the novel by Tim Winton.

*** SPOILER ALERT*** skip this part if you want to read the book for yourself πŸ˜›

It starts of with a boy named Lockie who is surfing at the beach one day when he notices that the water is heavily polluted. He meets a boy named Geoff Eggleston a.k.a Egg (He is a metalhead). Together they go throught twenty chapters together to try and stop the pollution along with some help from his mom Mrs Leonard and his dad Sarge (who is a police officer), his ex girlfriend Vicki Streeton and Eggs mom and dad. Unfortunately there is a corrupt major in town which doesn’t care about the pollution but just wants the money. So Lockie, Egg, Mrs Eggleston and Vicki are sent on a mission to block the pipe causing the pollution causing hundreds jobless but cleaning up the environment. They succeed and the next day Lockie goes out for a surf with no more worry for the environment.


I don’t think I would recommend this book to anyone really. The storyline is good but the writing is too Australian for me to understand. With all the Aussie terms I don’t think anyone could understand it, then again it is the book of the play. The storyline has a very good environmental message that is focused on throughout the whole book but wasn’t an interesting book. I would prefer the play version as then you can picture what they are doing and know what I going on πŸ˜›

Overall I rate this book a 1/10 drac points

Signing out, Itsdrac πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “The Environment’s Doom: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

  1. I had a little chuckle that the writing is too Australian for you. I guess there is a fair bit of dated Aussie slang. πŸ™‚ Since we’re reviewing a play, talk about scenes rather than chapters, and the ‘play’ rather than the ‘book’. Remember the apostrophe of possession (Egg’s) and that we say ‘mum’, rather than ‘mom’. Also, it’s ‘mayor’. It would be great if you gave your post a closer proofread before posting next time. Not sure what you mean by preferring the play version – we read the play version. It’s great that you posted links to your classmates’ reviews! I also liked your grade – 1/10 drac points – that’s pretty harsh! Haha. It’s a very smiley review. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha I agree with you 101% :3
    The book isn’t that good and the storyline is good, but the play overall wasn’t good.
    HAHAHA 1/10 drac points! I kind of agree with you there though.

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