Lockie Leonard Scumbuster: The Metalhead and the Surfer Clean Up

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a novel written by Tim Winton. The novel has been remade into a play by Gary Fry also in the form of a book. In class, we have been studying the play written by Gary Fry and we have been analysing the ideas explored throughout the play. I enjoyed the book as it not only made me laugh but made me realise the effects of pollution on our environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would definitely read it a second time. I believe that the target audience for the book is for ages 11-16 years.

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is an enjoyable, amusing and comical book. It incorporates many ideas of self-interest, protest, relationships and environmental issues. The environmental message of the book is pollution. Lockie and his friend Egg visit their towns local harbour and are disgusted by the amount of water pollution in their waters. They decide to take action by handing out flyers and gathering a group of people to start a protest. Lockie and Egg wouldn’t be able to complete their mission with the help of a few very important people. This includes; Sarge (Lockie’s dad who is a police officer), Dot (an eleven year old that Lockie likes), Vicki Streeton (Lockie’s ex-girlfriend), Mrs Leonard (Lockie’s mum) and Mr and Mrs Eggleston (Egg’s parents).

The environmental issue of pollution in the play was very affective as it was repetitive and it also explained what could have happened to their harbour if nothing was done to help it. The characters in the play were relatable to what was happening in the book and their actions were justified as well. In my opinion, Lockie and Egg are great role models, as teenagers could learn more about how to take care of their environment as well as team work. I would definitely recommend this book for teenagers because it may have a great impact on them and may change their views on our environment.

A few things I enjoyed about Lockie Leonard Scumbuster was the characters. Lockie is described as a calm surfer boy whilst Egg is a metalhead that is depressed most of the time. It was interesting to see how they got along as friends because they didn’t have many things in common. It was hilarious to see Lockie’s reaction when he found out Dot’s age. But their friendship was still strong even though they had ups and downs.

All in all, I enjoyed Lockie Leonard Scumbuster and I would definitely read the book a second time. I hope teenagers are influenced by the book and start taking action in the future.


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