Environmental Disaster :o -Lockie Leonard Review


Not long ago 7 aqua [my class] and i have been reading a play called Lockie Leonard scumbuster which was adapted from the novel by Tim Winton. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster to be is an ordinary play to me. It doesn’t give me the buzz that i look for when i read a book. The opening of the book didnt make me want to read the rest of the book. It just didnt interest me.

There were some good parts of the book like the bits and pieces of humour that were in the book that gave me something to laugh about but a bit more humour would have been great. The play was trying to convey a messege about the need to clean up the environment so we dont pollute the air and dont make the whole world smell like a tip in your own backyard. Lockie Leanard and his gang had to fix a problem with the issue they were trying to convey. The town that they were living in smelt like some ones armpit and the air was severely polluted. In the play it also shows you some ways on how to take action on these issues.

I would recommend this book to teens because it would educate them from a young age on how to be rubbish smart. I would rate this play a 7/10.

Signing out, FPR05

One thought on “Environmental Disaster :o -Lockie Leonard Review

  1. A concise review that summarises the key issues and features of the play. Some editing needed (better proofreading needed next time): ‘I’ needs to be capitalised, your second sentence doesn’t make grammatical sense, ‘didn’t’ and ‘don’t’ need apostrophes (WordPress won’t correct this for you – you need to write it correctly), and ‘someone’s armpit’ is the correct way of writing it – you need an apostrophe for that, too. Please be careful and do a proofread or two before hitting the ‘publish’ button. Keep writing, and you’ll get the hang of this blogging caper. 🙂

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