Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review- It All Started When They Met

In 7Aqua we have read a play by Garry Fry and Tim Winton called ‘ Lockie Leonard Scumbuster ‘. This play is quite humorous  fun, and educational. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster has environmental themes throughout the play, as well as including stories from other character’s lives.

This play is based on the story by Tim Winton and is about a 13 year old boy named Lockie Leonard and his adventure featuring his friend , Egg . This story/play takes place in Australia and the main location is the beach. When Lockie and Egg go for a ride in Egg’s kayak in their harbor, they see that it is filled with rubbish and gunk and dead animals and smells awful! This gives them inspiration to get their precious harbor back to health by doing a protest which attracts the mayor to come and negotiate however he is stubborn and greedy and disagrees.  In the end they put matters into their own hands .

This story in my opinion is humorous but you learn something from it too. I like how it focuses on the environment but it isn’t too boring , like it is a lecture which in my opinion is good. The plot is good and seems thought out. It is based in Australia and it uses Aussie slang, which makes it better and seems more Australian. 

This book overall is educational and interesting, but it does drag on , but it is meant to be a play after all.

bye for now!!:)

2 thoughts on “Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review- It All Started When They Met

  1. A succinct review of the play. For an apostrophe of possession when the subject is plural, use the apostrophe after the ‘s’ – “characters’ lives” refers to the lives of more than one character. Use the Australian spelling if you can, even if the spellchecker suggests otherwise – it should be ‘harbour’, not ‘harbor’. You use the term ‘good’ a couple of times to refer to the play – try to use more descriptive words next time – avoid using ‘good’ in your writing, full stop. You’re also a little contradictory in your perspective towards the end – it’s not boring, but it does drag on. You have a strong personal voice, which is impressive.

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