Teenagers care too: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is about a 13yr old surfer boy whose life is total mayhem. While trying to save his town’s lake and marine life from the harmful chemicals that factories are spilling out with his best friend Egg he also has to deal with his crazy family and his disastrous love life. In my opinion it’s boring and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

The environmental message conveyed in the book is that dumping rubbish and waste in our waterways is bad and affects everyone and everything. The book shows us that the fish eat the small animals and vegetation that is found in the lake which is contaminated. Then we eat the fish therefore showing that by contaminating the lake in a way we are contaminating ourselves. Apart from the important environmental message conveyed, Lockie Leonard Scumbuster has nothing else to offer. In my opinion, the two main flaws were the characters and the structure.

The characters of this story in my opinion were unrelatable which is one reason I didn’t like the book. A surfer who has a mayhem life, a metalhead who is constantly depressed, a cop who reads poetry! No one can relate to these characters anymore, teenagers would rather be at home on the internet than at the beach and heavy metal music is SOOOOO last century and a cop who reads poetry… unlikely. These are just some of the characters that no one can relate to anymore and because of this I felt it was boring to read and think others might also find it boring to read.

Another reason I didn’t like the book was the structure of it was very confusing and I didn’t understand it. As I read through each scene I felt as if they didn’t end which made some scenes unclear of what was going on. Then I thought that it would continue in the next scene but it didn’t,it changed completely and didn’t flow. These structural flaws made it confusing and unenjoyable to read because I was constantly re-reading parts to try to make some sense of it unfortunately it didn’t work.

This play was probably ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ when it was written in 1993 so it would probably be appealing for teenagers back then but now it would NOT appeal to the teenagers of today because of the reasons stated about. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of the reasons stated above but would still give it 5/10 because I really like the environmental message conveyed. And remember to always look after our waterways because if you don’t you’re just hurting yourself!

2 thoughts on “Teenagers care too: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

  1. I enjoyed the original perspective that you present in this review. Your commentary on the characters is interesting, and probably quite spot on – students in western Sydney probably can’t really relate very well to these characters. They are dated, and stereotypes that are irrelevant to young people today. Love your comment that heavy metal is so last century! As for your discussion of the structure, a lot of the original novel has been cut to create a play version, and you are right that some detail seems to be missing. You’re insightful on this, too. A couple of language-related comments: the first line should be ‘whose’, not ‘who’s’, and in the last line it should be “you’re”, not “your”. I do like that you appreciate the environmental message of the play, and can see its thematic merits. (Next time, can you leave a line between each paragraph – make it easier to read.) A top review. Well done!

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