The harbour isn’t the only thing that stinks! : Lockie Leonard Scumbuster review

Lockie Leonard and Geoff Eggleston AKA Egg, passionate about stopping the water pollution in their beloved town.

The play is by Garry fry and is an adaptation of the original, Tim Winton Lockie Leonard Scumbuster. It’s about 2 boys having just met during the first few lines and are already trying to save the town. They take a quick visit down to their harbour only to find out that it shouldn’t even be classified as water! its filled with dead animals, green slime (algae) and, now, Lockie’s breakfast! With the help of his family and friends he tries to protest, but gets rejected by the mayor. He’s only 15 there’s only so much he can do, and one is clog up the waste spewing pipe with metal, sending it back to the factory! Doesn’t that make it worse?! Oh and did I mention he was dumped by his love of his life Vicky Streeton? and now he is in love with a amazing 11 YEAR OLD PRIMARY SCHOOL GIRL surfer!!! Named Dot!!

It should be made clear that the main message is environmental and about water pollution. They’re trying to say that just because the waste is staying the water and we live on land, doesn’t mean its not our problem, when we are the ones putting the waste in the water. And even though the waste can’t get revenge on us themselves, their stink will! Water pollution affects everyone, animals to humans. We need to care for everything even if its not ours, or it will get worse and worse by the minute.

Lockie is an Australian character who uses lots of Aussie slang like “gunna and cuppa” he also says sentences when referring to himself ” Me own ” instead of mine. It’s kind of hard to get used to. Just knowing that they are Aussie, gives us the effect of picturing what their voice would sound like because of all the stereotypes in todays society.

Now, for my personal opinion, though the book was informative and was supposed to send out an encouraging message, I was confused. Why clog up the pipe and make things worse? now the waste is going into the factory and the smell will stick and what if the pipe bursts? waste is everywhere! I felt like they didn’t think that scenario through properly. It was an okay book, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it either. Kind of lame. If someone is very passionate about the environment then they can use this play as an example of what to do and maybe what NOT to do. I wouldn’t suggest copying step by step of what the characters did and I wouldn’t also suggest to look up to them as a role model.
Teenagers can be encouraged to do more about the ocean and our environment reading this play and spreading the word by performing it can be done as well, They learn to think about the consequences of throwing garbage anywhere they like and how it can affect local wildlife or any living thing.

The book may be for some people, just not me. There were a few little bits and pieces that brought up a grin in me and bits that brought up the confused look.

I would rate this a 4/10

The harbour isn’t the only thing that stinks!

2 thoughts on “The harbour isn’t the only thing that stinks! : Lockie Leonard Scumbuster review

  1. Great title! It matches the message of your review perfectly. Te first sentence isn’t complete, however. You need to say ‘are passionate’. Use capital letters for names – Fry – and remember to use the correct ‘it’s’ when you are trying to say ‘it is’. It seems a little bit rushed – some closer proof reading needed next time before you hit the publish button. Remember apostrophes of possession: ‘today’s society’. Please do a quick proofread and edit the few capitals missing at the start of sentences, and punctuation errors. That said, I did enjoy your strong personal voice, which clearly outlined your position from the start, and your use of the double meaning of ‘stink’ to refer to the quality of the water, as well as your perspective of the quality of the play. 🙂

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