Scumbuster to the Rescue!

Recently my class has read the play adapted from Tim Winton, by Gary Fry, Lockie Leonard Scumbuster. This play is educational with a bit of humour to keep it interesting. Revolving around the life of a young teenage boy, Lockie and his best friend Egg, you experience a handful of first world problems Lockie encounters as well as some larger ones.

Lockie and Egg discover a growing, disgusting stench coming from the harbour in their area that is caused by everyone dumping their rubbish and wastes into the water, from this issue they come up with the idea to hold a protest against the waste to keep their harbour clean, they team up with a bunch of people that also care about the situation as much as they do. Along the way Lockie is caught up in girl troubles and does not know what to do about their budding relationship.

Throughout this book you will find humour you may or may not find particularly funny, I personally did not enjoy this book as much as i hoped to but overall it gave a very important message to all readers stating that you can make a difference in your world even if it is a problem occurring in your area.

What was good about this book was that it wasn’t too factual like many that I would read, it was easy, understandable and suitable for people aged 10 to 13. It showed good environmental messages saying that you should clean up after yourself no matter how big the mess is because if you leave it for too long it could turn out really bad like in this play.

I would recommend this book to people that enjoy learning about the environment and that wouldn’t mind for a bit of humour thrown in the mix as well.


One thought on “Scumbuster to the Rescue!

  1. An engaging review. You sum up the key elements of the plot, provide a clear opinion and recommendation. You were clear on the target audience, and the important environmental message of the play. Some minor things to address: In paragraph two, your first sentence is long and grammatically incorrect. You need some full stops in there instead of commas. Similarly, you need a full stop after ‘funny’ in the third paragraph. This sentence structure issue is the main element to work on in your writing. Thanks for a great post.

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