How are you thinking?

einstein_thinkingStudents in 7 Aqua are currently working on group project tasks – each group is creating an environmental campaign based around an environmental issue that they have chosen.

7 Aqua, our next blog post, to be completed next Monday 2 December, is a piece in which you should reflect on your group’s progress in the creation of your environmental campaign. This is a reflective metacognitive task – you are thinking about your planning, thinking about decisions that you have made so far, thinking about what you’ll do next, thinking about how you’re working in a team, and thinking about your thinking.

You may use subheadings and images to help convey your reflections, but you don’t have to answer each question separately. Formulate your response into a cohesive, personal blog post.

Your post should address the following questions. 

You selected an issue of importance to you for your environmental campaign. Why did you choose that issue? What makes it important to you?

What have you called your campaign? Who is the target audience? What is your main goal? What ideas do you want your audience to understand about the issue?

How many members are in your group? Is your group working well? What are the different elements of your campaign/tasks that need to be completed? How have you divided up the workload? How have you gone about making decisions about the project? Have you all agreed on everything? Have you allocated tasks and given autonomy to the individuals working on those tasks? Have you put things to a vote? Or have you used a combination of these?

You have three weeks left to work on the project. What do you need to complete personally before then? How are you going to make sure that all members of the group meet the deadlines?

Overall, what has worked well? Why have these things worked well?

What challenges have you faced? What has been difficult so far? How can you overcome these challenges going forward? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

What have you enjoyed so far? What have you not enjoyed? What would you change about the project to make it better for the next Year 7 group?

What have you learned from working on the project so far, about the issue, and about teamwork?

Your post should be thoughtful, reflective, and honest. Don’t forget to proofread!

Happy blogging, team!

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