Lockie Don’t Bother

The play Lockie Leonard Scumbuster in my view is not a must absolutely see play. Also in my view, plays and/or musicals aren’t my cup of tea. If had to choose to either watch 30 holes of golf and be a part of the crowd when they do their famous golf clap, or watch Lockie Leonard Scumbuster again, sadly I’d pick to watch 30 holes of golf.

I would say that I was disappointed in the play. I would have liked to see more comedy, less seriousness. I would of liked it to be original and something that no one has thought of before, but sadly it was too cliché. What I mean when I said it was too cliché is that I have seen enough protests and illegal action in movies, on TV and even in reality. If I wanted to see that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t be going to see a play and see all of that when I could be in my own living room witnessing it on TV or walk around the city.

The story was about a boy named Lockie who meets a boy who doesn’t have the same taste in lifestyles. But they seemed to have the same emotions about the environment. They both start taking legal action against the factories that have been polluting the local harbor and, well I don’t want to spoil the rest of it for you, even though that there is nothing that can spoil it because the first two acts set the whole play up. There was no reason to drag it out for up to 15 acts where they could have stopped at act 5 or 6. The play writer must of done that way because it must have had to be 1-3 hours long (include wardrobe changes and set changes).

In my view, I would sadly rate it 2 stars.

One thought on “Lockie Don’t Bother

  1. You really did have me lol-ing as I imagined you golf-clapping in preference to reading “Lockie Leonard” again. If something is a cliche, then we would say it is or was cliched – “It was too cliched”. Also, you have used “of” in a few situations where you should have used “have” – “I would have liked it to be original”, “the play writer must have done it that way”… Never be sorry for your perspective – just make sure you justify it completely. I would have liked to see a little more reasoning as to why you rated it so poorly. Overall, I enjoyed your post… definitely more than you enjoyed the play. 😉

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