Something Fishy in the Harbour – Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

Our class, 7 Aqua, has recently read the play Lockie Leonard Scumbuster by Garry Fry, adapted from the novel by Tim Winton.

Lockie Leonard, the heartbroken 13 year old surfer dude and his friend Geoff Eggleston (aka Egg) the metal head, noticed something fishy in the harbour, and it wasn’t a fish!

The factories are pumping out gunk into the harbour through a big concrete pipe, and neither of the companies wants to clean it up. Egg and Lockie can’t take the putrid smell (like “pus”) anymore so they decide to do something about it. In the meantime, Lockie meets a really cool surfer chick, Dot, who is only 11 years old, and instantly falls in love with her. Lockie’s crush has forced his and Egg’s devised plans to postpone themselves, until the adults take over and take the plans into action.

This play conveys ideas about environmental issues and how they can affect everybody. Specifically, the play introduces water pollution to the audience, and how it affects the locals, such as the bad smell and dirty harbour water which could possibly leech into the beaches. Dirty beach water = no surfing for Lockie.  You can see why he would want to clean up the harbour. This play also includes many examples of Aussie slang which can sometimes be confusing compared to the language used by people today.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this play. The Aussie slang and the dry and gross humour used is not the kind of thing I enjoy reading or even thinking about. I would only recommend this play to 11 to 12 year old boys as it contains the themes and language used by boys in this particular age group. Overall, I would rate this play a 3/10 as it is simply not my, and probably many other peoples, cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “Something Fishy in the Harbour – Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

  1. A clear and succinct review. You outline the plot and characters, without giving too much away, and comment on the language and the effectiveness of the play as a whole. Your own writing style is conversational, and audience-appropriate. You have a strong voice. A valid recommendation. Well done.

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