The Dead Tide – Lockie Leonard Scumbuster

Recently our class has been studying the script Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster by Garry Fry.

Lockie Leonard is a 13 year old boy who is finding the new and intense high school life hard. After recently being dumped by his girlfriend Vicki Streeton and now madly in love with a surfer girl named dot who is still in primary. Did I mention that Dot’s uncle is Lockie’s hated teacher ‘the beast’. Besides his complicated love life, Lockie and his friend Egg discover the town harbour covered in green slime and garbage. Lockie and Egg protest about the filthy waters produced by the factory but the mayor will not listen and keeps defending himself and the factory.

Garry Fry did an excellent job in the characteristics of each character and the bond that connected all the characters together. Lockie is a care free, young spirited boy who’s best friend Egg is an emo, heavy metal loving boy. Vicki is nice, sweet and smart while Dot is a primary school surfer who may have a crush on Lockie. All these characters are connected one way or another. Lockie and Vicki used to date until Vicki broke up with him, Egg became Lockie’s bestfriend, Dot interested Lockie as a love interest and Dot’s uncle is the nasty teacher of Egg, Vickie and Lockie.

The environmental message from this story was not to pollute our waters. People need those waters to survive and factories polluting our waters with their garbage does no good for us or for them as it will soon affect their company.

I thought that this was a good and interesting book with a lot of ups and downs. I loved the connection between Lockie and Dot and how Vicki was still part of the picture.

One thought on “The Dead Tide – Lockie Leonard Scumbuster

  1. A thoughtful personal reflection about the play. I particularly enjoyed your commentary about the characters, and character relationships. You establish a strong first person voice. A few corrections: ‘Dot’ should be capitalised each time, the question ‘Did I mention…’ needs a question mark, “whose best friend Egg” – not who’s – that is a contraction of who is, carefree is one word, and best friend is two words. These are mainly typos, and would be corrected with a quick proofread. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!

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