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The issue that I have chosen to campaign about is water pollution or marine pollution. I believe that this is an issue that has been spoken about for way too long now and that a minority of our population is even trying to make a difference. Also, I believe that water pollution is a base for many other issues such as deforestation, which could lead to extinction. For these reasons and many others, I have chosen to campaign about water pollution.

My group and I have discussed our campaign name and have all agreed to call it ‘SaveOurWaters’. We chose this because we expect it to be an easy and a catchy name for our audience to remember.  Our targeted audience is teenagers and young adults because they hold our futures in their hands, and if they start to make a difference now, our future generations won’t need to worry about it.

Our aim is to raise awareness for marine pollution and to teach people about the dangers of it; including how it affects the marine life.

There are three members in our group; Amina, Rianna and I. We have specifically allocated different tasks to one another and we make sure to get things done as quickly as possible by helping each other out, but not wasting too much time on one another but focusing on the work that needs to be done ourselves. Rianna is in charge of decorating and doing all the creative things on our website, but also helps out when there needs other things to be done. Amina tries to find as many photos as possible, as well as helping out with other media and texts that need to be done. I focus on our petition and writing articles, as well as creating comics and quizzes. When we are making decisions, we try to let everyone have a say in our final decision, and we make sure that everyone is satisfied on our end result.

We are not too stressed out on the fact that there are only three weeks left until our final product needs to be presented because we know that we have done enough to be able to hand it in now, but we don’t like to waste time because of this. When we work on our campaign, we try to add as many things in to be able to improve our audience’s final say on water pollution.

Some things that I would like to do differently next time are to write up everyone’s roles so that we know what we are each meant to be doing clearly. I would also like to have a member in the group that makes sure that we have reached what needs to be done by every lesson. This way, we can know which component we need to focus on more strongly than any other component in order to finish on time.

I have enjoyed working as a team the most and I also believe that creating the website and all the other new things that I have done along the way, are challenging but still fun and enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “‘Environmental Campaign’ Blog

  1. An excellent reflective post. I am particularly impressed by the teamwork evident in your group, and your identification of things you would do differently next time. I am really looking forward to seeing your comprehensive campaign come together as a finished product, as I know you girls have put a great deal of time and effort into this. I am glad that you have enjoyed it, and learning about the topic, and technology tools, along the way.

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