WWIII : Climate Change

With climate change becoming an ever increasing problem in today’s world, I believe it is about time Australians came together to make their opinions heard. A not-for-profit, independent  organisation called ‘GetUp!’ , which promotes action in Australia for important causes, fortunately thinks this, too. As a way of demanding the Australian Government’s attention, the GetUp! team organised peaceful rallies all over the country on the 17th of November, and the outcome was incredible!

After hopping off the train in Central station, and getting directions to Prince Alfred Park from a fellow protester,  I found myself surrounded by people dressed in reds and oranges, and not to mention, the dreadful rain. However, the rain did not deter the passion of the people. Upon walking into the park, I was greeted with people handing out pamphlets about renewable energy and holding banners that read things, such as ‘SAY NO TO DESTRUCTIVE MINING AND COAL SEAM GAS!’ and ‘AIM HIGHER ON CLIMATE’. The singer on stage was singing songs with a band about the environment, and later said that she often feels like she’s the only one passionate about saving the environment and was glad to see so many people on her side.

However, not everyone wanted to improve the climate of the world. A group of people were showing their discontent at the exit, with a woman holding a poster saying ‘CLIMATE CHANGE IS  A HOAX!’, and a man trying to convince protesters of his view on climate change. I heard an onlooker mutter, “What’s wrong with these crazy people?”

This leads me to me to draw my conclusions about what I think about climate change. What is more valuable than protecting the human race, animal species and so many centuries of the world’s history? Ancient  civilizations have implanted their mark on the world, courageous  people have fought to keep the world as peaceful as it is today, centuries of history that have shaped the world’s identity lay in the earth, and yet the necessary steps in creating a better, healthy future are not being taken.  Some people believe that the way World War Three breaking out will be due to who has the best ammunition or differences in religion, but I strongly believe that the way WWIII will start is from people who won’t protect the world disagreeing with people who are protecting the world from one of the biggest threats today: climate change.

So I ask you: What do you think is more important than the survival of of the world? Do you want your family’s heritage to be forgotten? Isn’t the human race something worth fighting for? I certainly know what my response will be when the time comes to fight climate change, what will yours be?

Having trouble bing inspired? Watch this video to help you out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_hJL7hfH2M

2 thoughts on “WWIII : Climate Change

  1. Wow, what an experience! I admire your determination to go along and stand up for something that you feel strongly about. There certainly is a positive energy at these kind of peaceful rallies, where citizens come together to stand for what they view as important. Your questioning, as you used this blog post as a reflective tool to draw together your thoughts on this issue, was effective in clarifying your ideas. Your use of persuasive language and rhetorical questions in your conclusion was powerful. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to war between those who think we should act on climate change, and those who think we should not. I hope we are able to find a peaceful method of adapting to our planet’s changing climate. Your passion is inspirational! I think the future is in good hands if your generation cares as much as you do.

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