CS Energy Project: Fighters for the Future

Christine and I have embarked on a mission of raising awareness and hopefully sparking a change in energy usage in the world. We are particularly focusing on the impacts of the current energy usage and alternative energy sources to create a healthy, sustainable future. This environmental issue is important to me because I believe that how energy is used can determine the outcome of other environmental issues, such as global warming and bushfires. If carbon emissions are continued to be released into the air, the temperature of the atmosphere rises, making the impacts of bushfires and global warming much worse. However, if wind energy, for example, was used more, the temperature of the atmosphere may stabilise or even decrease. I think how certain energy sources are used may be the key to saving the environment.

Christine and I have called our campaign the ‘CS Energy Project: Fighters for the Future’. We are trying to target a teenager audience by making a video and posting it on the internet, and creating a website for older viewers. We’re also going to hand out a survey that asks questions about your energy usage to gain our own statistics.

The work has been divided between the two of us according to our abilities and interests. Decision-making hasn’t proved to be a problem just yet but it may when we start adding more features to our website. Even though Christine and I haven’t talked about it, it seems as though whoever is allocated the task has the final say in the decision-making. However suggestions and advice are valuable to one another.

To make sure we have completed all the aspects for our campaign by the set deadline, I have created a schedule that lists what needs to be done by  each of us in the days leading up to the launch. I have always found that keeping a schedule puts to rest any confusion about what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. I’ve made sure to give realistic amounts of time to have everything completed.

I think the biggest issue I’ve faced during the making of this campaign is finding a reliable information source that corresponds with other sources. Getting information from books makes this job even harder because sometimes the information is not update. If I were to go back in time and start the project again, I would organise myself better and start finding information earlier on. Something that I have been pleasantly surprised with is the fact that I’m not meant to create this campaign by myself. I always enjoy working independently, and am used to doing all the work myself. However, when I was writing up the list of what needs to be done for the campaign, I saw that there was a reason why we were in teams. The work would take longer to complete with just one person and having another person working with you means the work is shared and can be completed faster. This took a large weight off my shoulders.

Overall, Christine and I still have a lot of work ahead of us before we reach our campaign launch, but I can rely on my passion of this issue to supply me with motivation to get everything done. I am thoroughly excited to see the outcome of this campaign and hope to at least educate a few people about the energy usage in today’s world.Image

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