Deforestation Campaign

For my class project I have chosen to do the topic of deforestation. I find deforestation a very very important topic as it is leading to global warming. As you know global warming is heating up the planet, the polar ice caps are melting from global warming, temperatures are rising and so on. Soon it will be to hot for us to handle.

My part of the class project is to make a YouTube video about why deforestation is bad. I haven’t finished it yet as  I still need to record my power point slide show. I have to find some background music and then make a YouTube account and upload the video and edit it. I now realise why being a pro you tuber is a very hard thing to do 😛 and I respect those YouTubers for that.

We have called our campaign the Deforestation Busters. There are 3 members in our group. We have been working really well during last few weeks. As you know I’m doing the YouTube video, another member is doing the website and the link is here and the last member is doing a poster. The website and poster are also not complete yet. Our target audience is everyone really because everyone needs to know about this important issue. Our main goal would probably be is to make everyone aware of deforestation and start thinking about how we can stop deforestation.

Overall, the project is going very good 😀 we are nearly done with everything so I hope this campaign can be a success!

Signing Out, Itsdrac 😀

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Deforestation: The cause of global warming (

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