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For my environmental campaign, I chose to do one based on nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. I chose this issue because, in this day and age, we are looking for more renewable sources of energy as we are starting to run out of fossil fuels, and in this time of crisis, we have turned to nuclear energy; a type of energy produced using heat that is exuded naturally from uranium as the cause of an unstable nucleus which is trying to make itself more stable.

My campaign was called “GET THE NUKE OUT OF HERE”. The target audience of our campaign was at teenagers and young adults. Our main goal was to discourage and try to stop the use of nuclear energy and weapons. We want our audience to understand that nuclear energy is harmful for the environment and it can have long-lasting residual effects on the earth as well as the fact that it can cause genetic defects in future generations for people that have been exposed to radiation.

There were two people in my group; Danilo and I. I believe that we worked very well as a team. The different elements of the campaign that we completed were a website which we named “GET THE NUKE OUT OF HERE” and a blog expressing “OUR FEELINGS” which we included as one of the areas on our website. We divided the workload evenly; Danilo doing the blog with assistance from me and myself doing the website with assistance from Danilo. We decided about parts of the assignment by talking to each other and deciding what was best for the campaign. We agreed on most things but we disagreed on some minor details here and there.

We do not have anything left to work on for the project as we have already completed everything in relation to it.

Thanks for reading.

Check out our website at http://nuclearweaponsandenergy.weebly.com/

2 thoughts on “Environmental Campaign Blog

  1. I love the title of your campaign – you could even make this the title of your post – it’s certainly attention-grabbing. You have obviously completed some deep research into the topic, and you understand the issues surrounding nuclear energy. Your website is great. Remember that the purpose of this campaign is to bring about some kind of awareness or change. Now that you have finished the website/blog, can you think of some other texts that you might create over the next two weeks to drive your target audience into action? Could there be a section on your website for ideas of what people can do if they care about reducing the use of nuclear energy? Could they write to politicians? Engage in social media campaigns? You have done a good job of informing us of the issue – now what can we do about it? A great post.

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