How am I thinking? Environmental campaign

Over the past weeks, we have been doing an assignment in class to make an environmental campaign. We all had to choose an environmental issue so we could present it to the class. I chose air pollution because it is a serious health issue to the world. I think it is important and we should put it to an end.

I have 10 people in my group but we are split up into smaller groups. I work with Adam. He has created a poster on air pollution and I have created a website for our campaign. It is called Airborne. It was made on Weebly.

This assignment would be very good for the next group of year 7 as it teaches them about the many environmental threats around the world.

I have enjoyed this project so far and I hope it all goes well. This assignment has taught me about the different issues of air pollution and it has made me think about it deeply.

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