Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants


During my time as a student in 7 Aqua at Bossley Park High School, I have reflected on the teachings, lessons and topics learnt, and what is most apparent, the ‘blogging’ unit our teacher Mrs Edwards implemented in term 4 has taught us fundamental life lessons and skills. Our class has been given the opportunity to use a technique to communicate vital information and express an opinion in order to bring awareness and to educate the world about environmental issues and to help build future advocates.

Have a look at history’s timeline and it would seem people know more about war and killing rather than life and peace. The obvious choice presented to me was to join my ally Dimitrios in our campaign against future use of nuclear energy and weapons. This gruesome twosome split the atom and created a campaign that will blow your mind… ‘GET THE NUKE OUT OF HERE!!!’. Dimitrios and I were equally involved in the research, slogan, web design, edit and blog. Our collaboration and team work has successfully achieved an exceptional, informative, environmental campaign.

Our topic ‘nuclear energy and weapons’ engaged my interest because it is a huge threat to life. I get that nuclear energy is a source of power and nuclear weapons are a source of protection, but the reality is that both are destructive instruments that causes death and annihilation to humanity and the environment. It is important for me to send out a penetrating message to the world audience, especially political and military representatives, that our duty is to find less harmful substitutes for nuclear products, to ensure the safety of our world, our future.

7 Aqua…’WE ARE THE FUTURE!’ The world needs a voice of reason and future leaders to sustain and protect the rich cycle of life. The next time you turn on a light, just remember the switch is the key to finding the energy and power to light up our planet’s darkness.

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants

  1. I am so glad that you have engaged so keenly in the unit this term, and that you have seen the real-world value of blogging as a form of learning. I enjoyed this post very much, from the metaphors of your title, to the symbolism of your closing sentence. Your use of language gets more sophisticated each time you write. This is concise, passionate and insightful. I have high hopes for your generation of leaders!

  2. Reblogged this on Classroom Explorers ~ Lisa Edwards and commented:

    One of my students posted this today. I love the use of figurative language in his writing, his passion for the topic, and his acknowledgement of the power of blogging.

    My students are currently completing a group project to create an environmental campaign, and I asked them to write a reflection on their progress with the campaign so far. You can find the reflection task that I set them here:

    This one really impressed me, and of course I like that he has enjoyed the unit!

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