The animals need a voice!

In class, Christelle, Priya and I have decided to do “Animal cruelty” for our assignment. I chose this topic because I believe that if we continue to ignore animal cruelty, our whole lives while be affected because the food we eat was not treated carefully, therefore affecting our health.

Our campaign is called Out of the Cages! and out target audience is the general public. Our goal is to show our society just how harmful we are towards animals, considering we are one too. We want the general public to see behind the scenes of where our protein supply comes from, as well as explore ideas of the treatment of circus animals and endangered species.

I believe the three of us are a good team, but we have different points of views which makes it hard to work together. To be completely honest, this is my fault because I prefer to be more professional as Christelle and Priya want to make it more child-like and friendly.

At the moment, I’m working on making the website while the other two are writing lyrics for a song. This is what most of our arguments about, because I believe writing a song about animal cruelty is a bit insane, and we are making the assignment harder than it needs to be. But in the end, majority rules so we are doing it anyway. This is the main way we decide things, by putting to a vote, than arguing, than putting it to a vote again. We continue this cycle until one side (usually me) gets sick of arguing and and tells the other two to just do it.

As a group, we are finding it difficult to complete all 3 tasks, as a lot of the time someone (again, usually me) is away. But I think, if we work hard enough, we can get it done. Altogether, I think we are working really well, with all things considered.

This assignment has been really fun for everyone. The only thing I would change for next years Year 7 class is to NOT do it right at the end of the year when we are all brain-dead and not bothered to put 100% into it!

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