Our Environmental Campaign

The issue I chose to base my campaign on was air pollution. I selected it because I believe if it were to be reduced, so many other bad aspects would be too, creating something along the lines of a domino effect. Elizabeth and I have started a website called Gray Clouds which is targeted at all. The website is to inform and educate people of our current day about air pollution and its negative traits. It is also trying to persuade the audience to take action and finally come up with a way to fix what we broke.

There are only two members to our group and I believe we work well together. We have currently divided up the tasks of the website to give each other equal working amounts. We have a fair bit to go with more detailed information to be added, the logo of Gray Clouds to be decided, and the start of our online petition to be set up. When decisions are to be made, myself and my ‘co-worker’ will make a decision if we both want it to be put forward. If one of us objects, the decision is either altered or scraped. We usually have a same idea about what we want for the website, but, when it comes to decisions where one of us has more of an outlook and a better understanding of the topic, that person is then put into more of a ‘lead’ and guides the other without making all of the resolutions.

Personally, I have to complete one page of the website, and Elizabeth  I are going to both look into the logo design. I also plan to search for videos and pictures related to our environmental topic and add them to the media section of our website. We will both reach the deadline as we are both determined and  dedicated to the idea of finishing our website. I have trust and faith that Elizabeth feels the same. I believe the most difficult task was starting from scratch with not one idea, Elizabeth and I have not previously worked together so throughout the task I personally got to know her better. I believe as a team we work well together and are definitely enjoying the task at hand.

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