This term in class we have been learning about the environment and all the issues involving it. To expand our knowledge Miss Edwards gave us a group assignment where we have to focus on a certain problem ( aka. Pollution, deforestation) and make a petition, video, poster or something else involving the internet like a website. Our focus is to basically connect with the rest of the world and expand their knowledge on the environment and all its issues so we can improve it in the future.

My group have chosen  pollution as we believe it is a bigger issue than most because it not just affects us people but the world and animals too.

My group is made up of two people , me and my friend . We both get along well and we split up our workload into two so I think that in the end our project will work well . Throughout the assignment we had to make decisions like , if we should make a website ? and what colors would we use ?, All the questions were decided and fixed quickly which is good because we don’t have to spend all lesson debating about what we should do.

I have definitely learned more about the environment and teamwork because of this assignment.

Please check out our website and sign our petition. 🙂

Over and out, bye!!

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