Project Progress

In class 7Aqua are currently are making campaigns for an environmental issue. Gabriella, Samantha and I, are making a campaign for Animal Cruelty. Our campaign is called ‘We Are Animals 2!’ I decided to do animal cruelty as I strongly disagree with how animals are treated. They are abused and killed constantly, causing threats to the food chain. Animal Cruelty has a ripple effect, meaning that it impacts meaning things, including the food chain and the animal becoming endangered.

The target audience is the government to make stricter laws about the animal abuse, cosmetic consumers to stop buying cosmetics that have been tested on animals,and citizens, who can help donate and protest for the animals. Our main goal is to stop animal abuse and to make stricter laws about our animals and how they are treated.

Our group is made up of three people and we work really well together, in my opinion. We all have been given certain roles to fulfil and each being allocated two promotional campaigns, as well as a website we are working on together. We have made group decisions for our website, most of the decisions we have a agreed on  together but if we all don’t agree on a decision, then one of us will make a decision. Most of our decisions have been through a vote when regarding the website. Our individual promotional texts have been decided by whoever is in charge of that text.

I need to personally complete a poster and a survey before the deadline. I also need to help out with the website. If one of us is struggling to finish, the other two will help them finish by helping out and taking some of their load of them. We are all allocating time to each part of the assignment to insure we finish by the deadline.

Our group decisions have worked well because we have taken every bodies opinion into view.

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