Bonds Hipster!

700x900-blog-hips-nailsThe Bonds print advertisement is targeted to teenage girls and is advertising a line of underwear called ‘Hipster’. This may have been published in a teen magazine, as a poster in a store or at a bus shelter. The advertisement uses elements of colour, graphics and demand to persuade us.
The colour scheme uses big, bright and bold colours which helps to market the product as fun and out there. The white background helps to emphasise the colours and the pricing in white on top of colour strips makes the pricing standout which helps to market the product because you can easily see the pricing.
The central graphic of the advertisement is two young women, which helps to appeal to the target audience. The women are jumping around and look like they are having fun and they look very happy and have wide smiles. This helps with the point that the product is fun and bright.
The demand of the women’s eyes draws us to the name and this helps market it to us because the first thing the target audience notice is the two women. Then they see the demand of the women’s eyes which brings us to the product name and this helps market the product because the target audience are drawn to the product name.
The Bonds Hipster print advertisement is effective in appealing to the target audience;teenage girls. The use of bright and bold colours not only draws our attention, but promotes that the product is fun. The female figures are important to the product, as they clearly tell us the target market, and the demand draws us directly to the product name. In my opinion this is a successful ad and I would personally buy this product.

One thought on “Bonds Hipster!

  1. A well structured response, Riri. Remember that a demand is where the figure’s eyes are looking directly to camera. In this case, it’s not a demand, but I would talk about the vector from the girls’ eyes to the title. I’d also use the term salient feature to describe the girls in the centre, then the vectors lead us around the picture. You could even talk about the models being thin and attractive, which helps when advertising underwear. Some excellent analysis here, to build on. Well done.

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