Deconstructing a Print Ad: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Deconstructing an Ad: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This ad is about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and was created by the Samsung company. This device is a phone and can also be used as a note pad, hence the name ‘Note’. The target audience for this device would be aimed at adults who would use it for work. The key elements in this print ad are the colour, graphics and layout and text.

This first paragraph will be about the colour of the ad. The product and the person holding it are coloured black and white. The background is white and makes the product stand out. It is plain and featureless so the viewer is drawn to the product because it is the only thing there.

The second paragraph will be about the graphics and layout. The man walking near the background is looking at the phone. The phone is oversized to make it look important compared to everything else. It provides an image like he wants the phone.

The final paragraph will be about the text. The text in the ad is oversized so the reader can easily be drawn to it and know what the product is. It is also coloured black and is bold.

The most effective point of this print ad is probably the graphics and layout. they create a prompt for the viewer to look at the most important things on the page which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

One thought on “Deconstructing a Print Ad: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. Hi Matt, you have established a really clear structure, which is great. You don’t need to say “the first paragraph”, “the second paragraph”, etc. I would like to see the ad, as it’s difficult for me to give areas for improvement when I don’t know what it looks like. For the task on Friday, you will need to be more detailed in your analysis of the print ad that you’re given. When commenting on the text, make sure you talk about the language in the ad, too. Is is persuasive? Emotive? More detailed analysis of the graphics needed, too, in terms of how the graphics advertise the product. Some more detailed analysis will improve this response.

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