Deconstructing an ad – Samsung galaxy S3 advertisement

The Samsung Galaxy S3 print ad  advertises how good the samsung galaxy S3 is. It is targeted to teenagers and adults, well anyone who wants a phone. This advertisement could have been put in a magazine, a poster, in newspapers or as a flyer. The key elements of this print ad is put downs, facts and figures, colours and next step is to persuade the target audience.

The ‘put down’ technique makes the iphone 5 sound bad. At the bottom of the two phones there is information about both phones. It shows that the Samsung phone has more features to make the audience believe that the smartphone is better and you can do more on it than the iphone. It says words like ‘a totally different charger’ to make it sound like theres nothing new to it. But on the Samsung Galaxy S3 side there

is lots of features such as ‘full hd 1080p video recording’ to make the product sound really good. It says ‘the next big thing is here’ to show that the iphone is out of date and make people think that the samsung phone is much better and like its the new thing.

The ‘facts and figures’ in the ad is there to show the target audience all the details of the iphone and samsung phone. Of course here they show that the samsung phone is much more useful as it shows 27 features on the samsung phone and only 13 features for the iphone. They do this to make the audience believe that samsung phone is huge and much better. They show the huge amount of information to show people the features of the samsung phone and what it does.

The colours on the print ad is used specifically to make the samsung stand out to the audience. The background of the ad is dark blue and black, also the iphone is black which makes it look dull, but the samsung is bright white. They do this make the samsung stand out to the viewers, so thats the first thing they look at. Also the words are white too so the audience can read all the fantastic features on the samsung phone. Also the screen on the samsung phone is on exposing the wallpaper while as the iphone is just all black. They do this to show the great looking wallpaper and the time which catches the audiences eye.

The ‘next step’ which is the facebook site is used to draw the audience into buying it. They give the audience their facebook site to make the audience go to the site and perhaps show some more advertisements for the viewer to see. The facebook site is good for anyone who would like to buy the product and is used as a link to a site.

The print advertisement is targeted to audiences who would like to buy a phone. The put downs make the iphone look bad and shows that the samsung phone is much better. The facts and figures present the features the the viewers who would be interested in the phone. The colours make the smasung phone stand out, while as the iphone is boring and dull. The next step gives a link to their facebook site for more information. Overall, this print advertisement is excellent in persuading the audience into buying the product.

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3 thoughts on “Deconstructing an ad – Samsung galaxy S3 advertisement

  1. Hi Rich, this is a well-structured deconstruction. I’d like you to take more care with capitalisation. Make sure you use capitals each time you refer to the name of the product. You miss the apostrophe in “there’s” and yo’re missing the start of the sentence in paragraph three. Overall, this is a detailed analysis. Just be careful with grammar and punctuation. A top first post, Rich!

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