Lindt Mint Chocolate – Intensely Mintastic


The Lindt advertisement targets an audience of young adults, to middle aged readers. It is advertising Lindt mint chocolate, most likely in a magazine of some sort or at the sides of a bus stop. The advertisement uses elements of colour, graphics, font and persuasive language.

The colour of the ad is kept to a minimal amount. There is a limited colour palette for the advertisement, consisting of only browns and greens, leading to the dark chocolate and the bright green mint. The brightness of the green mint contradicts the darkness of the background around it, making the mint the salient feature. We are most likely to be drawn to the bright green leaves of the mint first, since the colour brings the gaze towards it.

The graphics are also kept to a minimal, only putting one large, bright picture in the centre, taking up most of the space. The green organic swirls around the mint leaves somehow enhances the image, seemingly making it the main attraction.

The font of the sentence ‘Intensely mintastic’ are free flowing, making the chocolate itself seem free flowing as well. It adds to the effect of making the product seem so free and relaxing, and not stiff and rigid. This appeals even more to the target audience of mid-aged readers, since they are at the age of working hard, and are in desperate need of relaxing freely, and the chocolate would fit to this need perfectly. It is also tinted in a light green, similarly to the image above it.

The language of the advertisement is quite persuasive, considering there isn’t very much writing on the page itself. The short sentence ‘intensely mintastic’ below the mint is not only making the product seem amazing to purchase and indulge yourself, but has the use of a pun, combining ‘mint’ and ‘fantastic’ together. Many people would love to enjoy the intensity of mintastic mint chocolate!

The Lindt mint chocolate ad is extremely effective to the main target audience of mid-aged readers, mainly to people who would love to rest comfortably with intense chocolate within their reach. The use of a minimal colour palette and graphics draws the eye to one salient feature; the bright mint, being enhanced by an almost magical swirl of green surrounding it. The persuasiveness of the short sentence not only gives the reader something short to remember, but it makes the chocolate seem something so intense and so ‘mintastic’ that any reader would just have to try it. Overall, this advertisement was purely a success, to persuade any reader with such a delectable image to draw someone in even more than ever.

2 thoughts on “Lindt Mint Chocolate – Intensely Mintastic

  1. Well done, Sothira. This is an excellent piece. I would have liked to see you more clearly explain the brown background – it reflects the colour and texture of chocolate. I was impressed by your analysis of the pun “mintastic” – well done. I wouldn’t say that it’s for a mid-aged audience – an adult audience for this would be fine, but your discussion of font, imagery/graphics, and language was strong and detailed. Overall, this is excellent!

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