Deconstructing an ad- Duracell “some toys never die”

This ad is about Duracell batteries and was made by Duracell. The this ad is aimed at an audience of teenagers and older as generally smaller kids are not able to change batteries. The key elements in this ad are humor/caricature, lighting and visual.

One of the main techniques that this ad uses is humor/caricature. It creates these by over exaggerating the life of Duracell batteries. It is very humorous as whilst the boy is playing with his new toy his old toy who still has power (thanks to Duracell’s batteries) walks into the room and stares at the boy, angry because he was thrown out and replaced.

Another technique that this ad uses is lighting. Most of the ad is dark and gloomy to how the boys fear, but where the old toy is (which is powered by Duracell) it is very bright, so that your attention is on the toy. they have made the old toy the main point on the ad because it shows the “power” of Duracell batteries.

A visual technique is also used in this advertisement. Throughout the entire ad there is only one piece of text “some toys never die” which is out of the way in a corner. The reason’s for this is so that you are not drawn away from the picture i this ad as it is the main thing Duracell has used to advertise their product and they have also used visual as if the picture looks “cool” or good it will stick in a persons head much longer than any kind of text.

The ad’s key element of humor makes the audience more interested and also helps to make the ad stick around for longer. also all of the techniques draw your attention to the product without you realizing it. This ad would persuade many people to buy its product and all in all it is an effective ad.

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing an ad- Duracell “some toys never die”

  1. A well-structured post, Alex. In your intro, the target audience is generally adults, as they would get the allusion to a horror film (remember an allusion is where other texts or historical events are referred to in a text, to add meaning – in this case the allusion is to a stereotypical horror film). Remember humour has a u – even if WordPress tries to correct it, and rather than “visual”, say “graphics” in the intro. There is a definite element of humour, but you need to link this to creating a positive connection to the product – explain it more clearly. Yes, the old toy is silhouetted in the window. You could discuss the positioning – the old toy is in a position of power – we view it from a low angle, and it sits above the boy. The lighting is dark, which creates the gloomy, gothic atmosphere of a horror film. The main point of the ad, that your toys will never run out of batteries, is effectively made through the humorous allusion to a horror film. You also need to discuss the specific language of the slogan “some toys never die” – like a slogan from a horror movie. The high modality of “never” emphasises how the batteries won’t run out. The image of the battery (easily recognisable as Duracell from the colours of the brand, further links us to the product. Overall, this is a great start, with some deeper analysis to build on in preparation for Friday’s task.

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