Deconstucting a print Ad – Apple Iphone Ad


As the title states this is the print ad for one of Apple’s major success, the Iphone. The techniques used in this ad are scale, camera techniques, logo, slogan and colour/salient feature. Its target audience is mainly teenagers to adults as phones are more important to them than young children. But this is a phone where you can play games with high quality graphics which makes it more attractive to teenagers.

The slogan in this advertisement is ‘fasten your seatbelt’ implying that the new Iphone (the current one when this add was made) is so amazing that you definitely need to buy because it is so amazing and cool that you must have it to show off to your friends. On the back of the Iphone it shows the apple logo and a bit of text you wont be able to see, but it says that its 32 gigabytes and was made by Apple in California. Thank you touch screen laptop that gives me the ability to see small text. 😀

Everything in the add is black except the Iphones and the text. This leads to the Iphones being the most salient feature of the ad. The apps on the iphones are in different colours making them the second most salient feature. The camera techniques are used to get a closer look at the Iphone which leads to the scale as the Iphone is smaller than that of the ads. The closer look also helps see the apps names better so Apple is pretty much given you information about what the Iphone does before you buy it.

Overall, I would say the ad could have been improved more to get people attracted to it better. It seems like a good ad and it is pushing me towards buying it, but I don’t think I will, well not this version of the Iphone anyways.

-Itsdrac 😀

3 thoughts on “Deconstucting a print Ad – Apple Iphone Ad

  1. I did not really learn anything new but it was well written and constructed.I liked that the picture clearly represented what Vladimir was saying as well as the fact that it had a little bit of humour thrown in. Some things that might be added to further strengthen your article piece as well as making your grammar better.
    Overall, I thought it was quite good but it could have been better with better grammar.

  2. I learnt that there is a new looking phone, and then I learnt that somes ads can be fake like this phone!
    I really liked how you created humor in your text, and you put smiley faces.
    You could have added more features about the iphone rather than ‘games’
    Overall your text was good and good structure and language features.

  3. This is well structured, Drac. I would, however, like to see you be more careful to correct some typos, grammatical and punctuation errors. First sentence, for example, should be “successes” not success. I’d like to see you expand on your analysis of the slogan in a bit more detail. “Fasten your seatbelt” is a metaphor (it’s not literal) meaning that the iPhone is going to take you on a really fast and amazing ride. You need to mention that the ad uses facts and detailed information to sell the target audience the features of the phone. When you say everything in the ad is black, you need to phrase it that there is a black background behind the white phone, which makes the phone stand out, and emphasises its clean lines. When you talk about camera techniques, you need to mention the close up of the phone specifically. You also need to explain in more detail the symbolic signifiance of the apple logo and the branding of the product. This post is a great start, and you can build on this with more detailed analysis. Well done.

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