“I’m not polite, I’m Proactiv.”

This Proactiv advertisement is targeted at females, and is advertising their new three step product. It may be published in a magazine or as a poster or flyer. This ad uses strategic features such as star power, colour, font sizing, positive connation and omission to persuade the target audience into buying, and using the product.

Proactiv’s ambassador, Katy Perry, is featured in this advertisement. She is seen in the background of the advertisement, as well as featuring in the text below. The text quotes “When it comes to breakout’s, Katy Perry is not polite. She fights back with NEW Proactiv®” This stated to demonstrate to others that may be weary of the product that, if Katy Perry uses it, it must be an adequate product, and therefore, feeling secure, purchases the product. The use of Star Power is a profit towards Proactiv as they know that our society feel safer when our superiors (in this case, celebrities) use everyday products, which enforces the purchases and positive recommendations.

This products’ main colours are green and white, however, they not features often in this advertisement, with the advertisers choosing to focus more on the colour of the ‘free’ book, which is orange. The colour orange is used in the circle in which the price of the product is within, as well as the colour of Perry’s hair piece and to underline the words ‘Faster’ and ‘Gentler’. The use of the colour orange re-enforces the products ‘free’ bonuses, making it more appealing to the audience. Also, the background of this advertisement is grey, and gets lighter  towards Perry, drawing the target audiences eyes towards her face, making it seem as if she is giving of a natural and healthy glow, which may be what the audience wants.

The sizing of the font in this ad emphasises what the advertisers do and don’t want the audience see. The words “I’m not polite. I’m Proactive. ™”  is big, bold and takes up most of the page, which subtly re-imposes how important it is for the audience to buy the product, as it will fight breakouts, making their face beautiful and clean, like Katy Perry’s. The words ‘Faster’ and ‘Gentler’, as well as being underlined in orange, are larger ten the majority of the other text, as well as being bold and in white, compared to the other text, which is small and in a more transparent colour. This is used to emphasise the new improvements made towards the product, therefore making it easier and more efficient to sell.

This products ad states that Katy Perry “fights back with NEW Proactiv®”, however, it only implies that this product is what makes her skin breakout free and beautiful. However, this may not be the case at all. You can clearly see that Perry’s face consists of  various amount of make-up, consisting of eyeshadow, lip sick, foundation, and others, hiding her true face behind a mask of make-up. Therefore, the audience doesn’t realise that this is not her true skin. Her skin gives off a glow, which keeps the audience infatuated by her ‘natural’ beauty, which makes the product appealing towards the target audience.

Altogether, this proactiv advertisement is effective in making the audience believe that this product is high-quality and efficient. This advertisement uses Katy Perry as an influence to the female population, implying to them the type of skin they could have if they use this product. This advertisement is successful as it draws in the attention of the target audience, and keeps them engaged throughout the ad.

By Constance279Katy Perry Proactiv advertisement 001

8 thoughts on ““I’m not polite, I’m Proactiv.”

  1. Hello fellow blogger,
    We stumbled upon your blog and we thought we would give you some feedback.
    We stumbled upon some incorrect sentence structures that we thought could have been caused by lack of editing and/or rushing.
    But when saying that we believe that overall your blog about this proativ product, especially the second last paragraph was great. you backed up your argument clearly and very well.
    From reading this ad, we have learnt how advertisers can twist and bend the truth. We also figured out that Katy Perry fights pimples!!!
    Overall, we believe that this deconstrution of this advertisement was successful. We look forward to see more of your works soon.

  2. I liked your use of language, however, there were a few typos. You could have written about some more strategic features such as layout and the use of the slogan. Keep up the good work 🙂
    -Saa and Christine 🙂

  3. Hi Constance, a well structured post. I’d probably suggest that the audience is a teenage female audience, to a young adult female audience, given the product is generally an acne-cleansing product? A good discussion of star power and the image. You could also mention that in the photograph, Katy doesn’t have any blemishes, so therefore the suggestion is that the product works. When discussing the slogan “I’m not polite, I’m Proactiv” I would have liked to see more analysis of the language. It’s a direct quote, supposed to be from Katy, suggesting a particular attitude in users of the product – “I’m not polite” suggests that, like Katy, you can be feisty and tough. You could talk about the comparative terms “faster” and “gentler” in more detail – they suggest that the product has been improved, and is better than similar products. Overall, a great post – just a little more detail needed in places to explain how the techniques persuade us to buy the product. Well done.

  4. I liked how you explained the techniques clearly, just a few typos. But, overall I enjoyed reading your post. 🙂

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