This print advertisement is advertising the car manufacturer: Lamborghini. It predominately targets male adults – those who can afford such cars – who want to speed around the streets like hooligans and show off in style. The advertisement would most likely be found in a magazine and uses techniques of colour, salience, slogans, camera angles, special effects, logos and the next step.

The background of the advertisement is monochrome which brings out the bright orange colour of the Lamborghini’s. This bright orange colour is linked with the Lamborghini logo as they’re both the same colour. Having the logo at the top right corner of the ad reinforces the manufacturer’s name in your head. The contrast of these colours makes the bright orange Lamborghini’s the salient feature of the advertisement as your eyes are drawn there first.

Camera techniques are used to draw the reader in. The shot of the camera is taken at eye level so it looks like the cars are driving towards you which makes you become more involved into the advertisement.

There’s not much text in the advertisement and out of what’s there, the reader is only going to read one part of it – because it’s the only text made in a decent size – which is a slogan that says: ‘PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE FASTER THAN YOUR GPS SATELLITE CAN FLY’. This slogan is said in 2nd person so it involves the audience more. It also uses hyperbole to create humour; the exaggeration and humour in saying not to drive faster than your satellite when that’s not possible. This is the perfect slogan to entice young hooligans who want to speed way past the speed limit.

Special effects are also used to enhance the look of the speeding Lamborghini’s. The road has countless, detailed lines pointing back behind the cars which really makes it look like the Lamborghini’s are flying at extreme speeds down an alleyway in Italy. Surrounding buildings also have the effect of being blurred out which adds to the look of the speeding Lamborghini’s.

At the bottom right corner of the advertisement, Lamborghini’s official website address is left in small text as the next step for those who are further interested.

The Lamborghini print advertisement is effective in appealing to young and immature adults who are into luxurious sport cars. The use of colour draws your eyes straight to the bright orange Lamborghini which connects to the colour of the logo. Camera techniques, special effects and the slogan all combine well together to create the extremely fast look of the Lamborghini. Overall, this advertisement was made to perfection as there is nothing to pick wrong about it. Even I want to get a Lamborghini now; just by looking at one, anyone would too.

4 thoughts on “Lamborghini

  1. Excellent structure and analysis of techniques. The target audience would be an older male audience, who an afford the expensive Lamborghini. You could all the background monochrome, or black and white. Excellent observation linking the colour of the cars to the Lamborghini logo. More detailed analysis of the slogan is needed – it uses second person to speak directly to the responder. It also uses humour and hyperbole. The car can’t actually go faster than the satellite, but this exaggeration (hyperbole) creates humour, and emphasises that the car is indeed fast. You have done really well with this analysis – just adjust the target audience, and add those extra details as I discussed above. Well done!

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