One Direction ‘ Our Moment ‘ Perfume Ad

This ad is for One Direction’s debut perfume called ‘ Our Moment ‘ .This ad is targeted at One Direction fans or teenage girls and would most likely been found in magazines or on posters . This advertisement uses elements such as colour , symbolism and layout to persuade it’s target audience to buy the perfume .

The colour scheme is mostly a range of pastel pinks with touches of white with purple as they are the colours for the perfume and it packaging . They are very girly and soft colours which may mean that the smell of the perfume is sweet and girly . The boys are black and white so you can really focus on the main colours and the bottle instead of their faces.

The symbolism kinda mixes in with the colour scheme . The bottle has a princess crown on it . A pink and silver one sticking with the colour scheme . The crown and all the soft colours reminds us of princesses and sweet things and I think that is what they want it all to symbolize and it appears that they want girls when they are wearing it to feel like a princess and feel good and happy . The boys faces are clean cut and black and white adding an elegant touch to the whole poster , considering they seem like they want girls to feel like princesses the boy’s may appear to be the princes with their clean cut and perfect appearance . And the black and white colours on their faces gives off an elegant feel to the whole advertisement.

The layout was set up like a path , it went to the boy’s face so you know that it’s their perfume they are promoting and releasing to the world to buy then the path travels to the perfume bottle then to the words , where it says what is is and what it is called . I think they did this this way is because , firstly they put the boys’ faces at the beginning of the path and they are large head / face shots of them so you know it’s their perfume and you won’t forget and if you haven’t been living under a rock you would know they are One Direction and they are releasing a debut perfume . Then it travels to the perfume in it’s pristine clean bottle , so you know what it looks like then it travels to the name so you can remember it and it’s name . You would most likely remember something if it’s fresh of your brain and you will know what it’s called and who it’s by so you can go buy it .

The perfume ad all together is quite effective and I think the target audience will definitely be persuaded to buy the product – especially as it is by One Direction – their fans will definitely want a bottle of their perfume even is they haven’t seen this ad but people who aren’t fans of them and their music will probably be persuaded to buy a bottle of the perfume it looks good for a start and which girl wouldn’t wanna smell like a princess ??

OneDirection ' Our Moment ' Perfume Ad

3 thoughts on “One Direction ‘ Our Moment ‘ Perfume Ad

  1. I absolutely ADORED this blog post as I am a fan of One Direction, I learnt that how the bottle looks in relation to how the perfume smells has significant similarities and put together creates that ‘princess’ feel. I liked how you stated that the boys were in black and white in a pink pastel background and how it becomes dominant to either focus on either the pink perfume or the 5 clean-cut gorgeous boys. I think that you should talk more about why they created their own perfume, it might add more depth. Altogether I loved the fact that you wrote about One Direction and their perfume 🙂

  2. A detailed, well-structured analysis, Hunter. Well done! Remember the difference between its and it’s – it’s = it is, whilst its = possession – the cat drank its milk. Try to avoid being too colloquial. While you can be informal and conversational in your use of language, “kinda” is not really a word I’d encourage you to use. Also remember boys = plural and boy’s = belonging to the boys. Could you talk about the shapes in the ad – the boys faces look like they’re in prisms – which reflects the shape of the perfume bottle – so maybe it’s like the boys are inside your very own perfume bottle? You could also talk specifically about the star power of 1D in selling the perfume. I enjoyed your conversational tone and personal response – just a little more detail will make this even better. 🙂

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