Stop Suffocating Life!


Here we are again, blogging our views and perspective on a product that sells a message or an image to engage and convince the consumers to respond, “Advertising”. While I was scrolling through various advertisements, I immediately found an ad with an image that caught my attention. The advertisement is a product designed for ‘World No Tobacco Day’. This example of commercial media delivers relevance and supports a campaign informing and urging consumers, that smoking is suicide and a gas chamber for the smoker and non smoker.

The main objective successfully uses the image of a child suffocating from a smoke bag. The ad displays an extremely painful and real perspective on this killer habit. The print below is quite small but I think the creators chose the ad to be more about the action speaking louder than words. In my opinion, the strategies used are credible and a clever approach to target the smoking and non smoking audience. The ad definitely shows effective symbolism (child suffocating with a smoke bag),special effects (smoke bag replacing a plastic bag) light / shade (black background and smoke effect), and layout (image of the child close up with print directly under the image) to achieve a solid marketing campaign.

On a personal note, this ad proves to be very important because it too is my reality. My mother and grandmother both smoke, they do not do it around me but it hurts me greatly because I know they are suffocating their lives and the image represents me. If the smoker does not value their life… how much do you think they value others?

Take a look at this link, good example of how smoking ads have changed and the behaviour towards promoting them.

3 thoughts on “Stop Suffocating Life!

  1. Great job. This is definitely something only YOU would write, making it unique and authentic. Overall, a bit short but still good 🙂

    Kind regards,


  2. This is a strong personal response, Earth. You analyse the image well, and relate it to your own experience, which is exactly what blogging is all about. For the task on Friday, make sure you’re familiar with all the techniques that you may encounter in a print ad, and be prepared to write a detailed deconstruction of all of the elements of the ad.

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